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Think I am finally getting there!

The cat


The dog


the dog with her ex-best friend, next door's kitten who got ran over last week.


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Well done londoneye you did it and well worth it to, what lovely animals , sad about the ginger boy [:(]

Heres my ginger man who has had a great day in th warmth trashing my christmas tree , while i,ve been out in the cold having my french lessons ,little buggar , shall I poke him and wake him up and show him my tree [:(]


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here 's our Shadow when he was 9 weeks old, then 3 months , then .. an adult !






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Our two puppies were a year old yesterday but they wouldn't keep still long enough for me to take a birthday photo of them[:D]

Here they are at 4 months old and the next two at 10 months old - boy how they have grown.  Thery are called Sam and Franky but because of there strength and ability to move a large quantity of earth they have been nicknamed Bull and Dozer!!!









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~ah, they are lovely.   One more photo - the picture is not that good, but it means a lot to me.

When we first got the dog we were really worried about the cat's reaction; and it was justified.   We had around one month of the cat not coming near us, standing disdainfully (and boy does my cat do disdain really well!) at a distance of about 50 feet, staring.   He no longer talked to us, came near us.   I was heart-broken.    Therein followed around a month of puppy constantly chasing the cat.   I almost lost the will to be honest, and at one point we debated having to return the dog, but we were adamant that we had to try and 'stick it out'.     During these couple of months I cried many tears, wondering what on earth we had done.   We now had a cat that ignored us, and a puppy we were constantly shouting at.    Things progressed, and for the next two weeks the cat took control and beat up the puppy at every available opportunity.   He lay in wait, in bushes, leaping out at puppy and giving her a real paw pounding.   The puppy became a nervous wreck, as were OH and myself almost at this point.


Then ...............   one day, the cat caught a mouse, and decided that now the puppy was fully under his control he would be 'allowed' to see the mouse.   Puppy, thankfully, had the good sense to examine the catch with a look of total wonder and admiration at the cat's skill and bravery.     It was the first time they had really ever been within feet of each other, and luckily I had the camera !!!

So, here you go, my last animal photo, but one that really makes me smile.


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They're lovely londoneye - we're going through the same process as you did, introduced a puppy (at 8 months, very boisterous + playful) to our 12 and 15 year old cats!  Puppy now knows his place and still wants to play but keeps his distance from them although we have hopes that the younger cat may end up cuddling up with him - there are some hopeful signs (including the cat lying in his basket with the dog on the cold tiled floor next to it looking longingly at cat and basket) [:D] - as for the older one, I don't think it'll ever happen [6]

BTW, are you sure that's a mouse your cat caught - looks more like a snake to me [:D][Www]

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I agree, lovely photos Londoneye.

Limousin Lass, your two are gorgeous. I think the new names suit them and at 10 months they still have growing to do. [:)]

Is it Sam or Franky (or Bull or Dozer) in the photo with the shoe? It appears that could be his favourite toy. [:D]

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Hi WJT, Thanks for the compliment,  the vet didn't want me to have them castrated and said I should breed from them and people said they would like puppies if I did but no matter how many people had wanted puppies there was no way I was going to add to the dog population, there are too many unwanted dogs as it is.

The one with the shoe is Sam and he loves to carry things around in his mouth, the shoe is one of a brand new pair that were still in their box, a telephone call for my husband who was working outside and a door not shut properly and when I returned shoes and box all had bits missing from them.  Not sure which one is Bull and which one is Dozer, Sam sniffs out the best places to dig and then lets Franky take over whilst he waits to see what is unearthed. Quite funny to see the bewildered, frantic look on his face when small rodents run in all directions and he tries to catch them all, Franky is not at all interested in what is unearthed once the nest has been found it is on to the next one for him.

I love to see all the photos of peoples pets and reading the happy stories behind some of them and I feel for al; the people who have lost their beloved pets having lost so many myself over the years.



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[quote user="David_Janet"]

This is Lucy.

Rescued from the SPA in Castres (we only went to look....). She's a Labris/Griffon cross, and is very wilful...[6] But a lovely character.





I lover her, what a face!

Well done for rescuing her and giving her a chance, she is so lovely.

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