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Orange Oil for furniture


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When I lived in France I used to buy orange oil for furniture from stalls at places like Expo Fairs and it was  expensive and very good. I never used much but it would lift ingrained dirt from wood and leave it with a lovely lustre. A nice thing to have for solid wood kitchen cupboards.

I cannot remember the make, but it was in  a small orange coloured tin, was concentrated and about 15€.

Does anyone else use it, can you tell me the make? I've googled and cannot see anything that looks at all the same.

I've just done my kitchen with lemon oil from Lakeland, but I've used half a bottle and it isn't as good a product and for it seemed cheaper, will work out more expensive in the long run.





In the same sort of tin as on this advert, but not this make and not any of the others that are on this page. So if anyone is using a different make could you post.

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