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make-up vocabulary


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Time to go out a bit again and maybe even be eating out, who knows?

So time too for getting out the glad rags and putting on a bit of slap.  Don't know about you but the months of confinement have taken its toll.  My complexion has taken a battering (not helped by being able to see every little defect since the cataract operations[:-))]) and I would like to buy some new stuff to try.

I read and hear that nowadays people put on "primer to even out skin tone" before applying foundation and the other bits like lipstick, etc.

So I need to know what this "primer" is, what it's called in French, whether it's the same as what we used to call foundation?

Many thanks.

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Yes, Loiseau, I've heard of fond de teint and, if I get no further replies, I will give that a try.

Oh, what joy it will be not to have the confinement face and to wear other clothes than leggings and fleeces[:)]

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Fond de teint is foundation and if you're fair skinned like me, Mint, you may find it difficult to get a foundation in France that suits your skin tone.

I have used primer in the past (base de teint: generally it's a colourless base that goes on over moisturiser but under tinted foundation). I don't bother now. Tinted moisturiser + sunscreen is sufficient along with a blusher to make me look healthy at the times I... don't! [:P] On older skin particularly, less is more.

If your eyebrows have faded (mine have) invest in a product (there's more than just crayon or poudre à sourcils out there nowadays) that defines them. You may be surprised just how that livens up your face. I don't mean attempt the whole hairy caterpillar above the eyes look that Z-list slebs seem to go for - just adding some colour and brushing into shape.

If I wanted to solve a specific skin problem, I'd go and see what a local, decent-sized pharmacy has to offer and discuss with them. They often have samples relevant to your skin type which you can take home to try.

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Fascinating!  Thank you, Norman and Catalpa for your further elucidation on this subject[:)]

When it comes down to er basics or even foundation (!), it's surprised me how many words are necessary, not to mention things you need to do, to present a semblance of a healthy face to the world.

So, primer becomes either l'anti-cernes or base de maquillage, according to whether you use Norman's link or Catalpa's.  Fine, except I then have to look up what cernes are[:-))]  Rides I understand but CERNES.......?

Ok, have decided on base de maquillage, foundation and powder, a light dusting of blush or rouge.  OTOH, I believe I have some concealer somewhere so might try that except there might be too many blemishes to conceal!  Maybe I'll just "embrace" (seems to be an in-word) my blemishes, practise distanciation at all times so not actually embracing anyone literally, and let my natural joie de vivre and undoubted good looks carry the day[:D][:P] 

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That's a great link Norman !

I use this one under my foundation.  Just around the eyes, nose mainly.  It isn't cheap, but it lasts a long time.  As with all make-up in a squeeze tube, once you can no longer squeeze any product out, cut the base of the tube open and you will get at least another 2 weeks of product out of it.


I use this foundation.  Far less expensive than the concealer.  Lasts a long time and can be found on Amazon for those who shop there.


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[quote user="mint"]So, primer becomes either l'anti-cernes or base de maquillage, according to whether you use Norman's link or Catalpa's.  [/quote]

[:D] They're two different things, Mint. (It's a long time since I had a good makeup conversation!) Anti-cernes is concealer which you would tend to use only in problem areas such as dark rings under eyes or over (say) a few age spots to disguise them.

Primer goes all over the face - or most of it, possibly avoiding eyes - and is mainly useful if you want makeup to last all day or you're going clubbing (say!) and are going to be in a hot, humid atmosphere. I used it when travelling for work and I might leave home at 4am, fly off somewhere for a day of meetings and then fly back getting home midnightish. The primer did definitely help keep makeup where it was supposed to be over a long period of time. I'd never bother using it in normal circs.

And then there's concealer / highlighter - like the famous and very effective YSL Touche Eclat. A light touch of that under eyes disguises dark rings.

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[quote user="Weegie"]Being a mere male with a complexion beyond redemption, what about crème anti-rides or is that a step too far?[:$] [/quote]
Ah, yes, well... for the face, a crème anti rides is a daily treatment rather than a concealer. Usually, it's just a moisturiser which is light enough to be used around eyes - I only use a normal moisturiser but I don't have sensitive skin or eyes that get irritated easily.

There used to be some products that you'd (one would!) use before going out or the morning after a heavy night - this has been popular for years. Decades, even. I'm not convinced by it but many are.

Allegedly, a very good cream for tightening up the eye wrinkles (and I emphasise here that I would NOT try it [:P]) is hemorrhoid cream. [:-))] Try that discussion with your local pharmacist.

@Mint - this thread has really brightened a rainy Friday! [:D]

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Catalpa, you are right, I have very few rides but just a sort of unevenness of colour which would be better once I have been out in the sun a bit (using APF factor 30 or more) and have acquired a light tan.

I WOULD like to try the primer however.  OTOH, maybe a good foundation un peu doré will do the trick.

I have also acquired a Zéro Defaut Base Lèvres matifiante et longue tenue for the lips but, as masks are still de rigueur, I am not using it yet!

Looking on line for make-up for older women, I have come across a site called Fabulous Fifties but that is not much use to me.  What I need is one called Stunning Seventies.  Hey, you never know, I might feel tempted to start such a site myself[:D][:P]

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I bought this when it was on offer:

The link should be live.

When we first moved back I went into a big department store and had the Guerlain  full make up done. So I was still in my 50's then. It looked OK, all those layers including primeur, but frankly on the way home I felt like I was wearing a mask. I called into see my Dad on the way home and his first comment was to ask me if an undertaker had been at my face and I looked terrible. What  job getting the lot off, so I didn't buy anything they were hoping to sell.

I have paid a little and a lot over the years, and now I find that my

skin does not like too much on it, I look awful if I layer up. Sad and

strange that young 'uns, layer make up, and yet most will have glorious

skin which will never need covering.

I bought this Asam stuff about a year go, two for the price of one, and apart from a tiny bit of cover up and some blusher, that is all I use on my face now.

Supposed to be for any skin colour and I believe it, it looks quite dark in the tub, but isn't when it goes on. I am pale and it doesn't leave me looking like The Donald! and it smells lovely. It seems to neutralise some of the freckles/sun spots I have. I will continue using it, hopefully when I run out, will find another offer.

Over the years I have used some primers, but frankly, I don't think that they make much difference.

I have lines now, seem to be taking after my Aunty, and I won't try and get rid of them, they are  me and I actually do not believe creams really work...... because my oldest friend spend about £70 a pop on anti line cream and she has about as many as me. Some things may help briefly, but what the heck.

This stuff on my face with some blusher and some eye make up.... lipstick.......... with a mask[:-))] well, probably not!!!!

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Id, I wasn't thinking of spending that amount!  If it was on offer, it would be a different matter.  Besides, since chimio, my skin is rather dry than greasy or even normal.

I have now picked a primer that is a colourless jelly and 2 foundations, one liquid and one powder.  I used to use a brilliant foundation that is in a powder compact but you have to use a sponge and some water and it turns into en effect like a powder.

Nowadays, I also like some sun protection because what I really don't like is using sun screen on my face.  I do when I go out walking but certainly not when I wear make-up.  Like you, I have passed on the lipstick.  Out of curiosity, I tried a light pink lipstick on the other day, just to remind myself what I used to look like and TBH lipstick looked just weird and unnatural!  And I used to like deep red lipsticks......!!

As for jewellery, haven't tried any except for some discreet earrings now and again.  Obviously no rings or bracelets because of alcoholic gel as I don't know what it will do to jewellery[8-)]

Aren't we going to have lots of fun when we put on our make-up again?  At least let's hope it's fun and not horror[:-))]

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I gave up with make up when I was working in a very dirty enviroment .. putting once wet books back onto shelves .. and then I stopped working and only bothered with a little eyemake up on occasion with a lipstick, which I lick off sooner rather than later.  Once I got my "freckled" tan in France, I have up completely, occasional lipstick (again licked off soonest) on occasion.

Jewellery, since lockdown, I haven't bothered.  A watch on occasion.  Rings, none,  'cos I cannot get my wedding ring and engagement rings on the correct hand (can on the other) in spite of having had them made bigger three times already (arthritis).  Now given that up as tant pis.  More important things to worry about.

If I were you Mint, I'd not bother with make-up .. .. a bit of fresh air (and yes, dry skin too here now), keep your skin moist, and your own refreshed skin will appear very soon.

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Remember that I have a limited budget, but I have spent quite a lot of money on gold jewellery since the first lock down.

I wear it too and no problems with gels.

I also make sure that I work my way through my wardrobe and apart from things I would wear when getting really dressed up to go to a good restaurant, have worn everything, AND I have bought more clothes too.

Thing is that I no longer live nulle part and going into town and being nicely dressed  is fine. My scruffy clothes are for home.

Mint, re this Asam product, well, I have normal to dry skin and it goes on well and does not clump in my lines either. The only oily bit of my fact can be the nose area, but that is quite common with my complexion.

I should go through my make up and rid myself of some of it that I never wear. Frankly, I look better with some make up on, might not have done when I was young, but now, well, it does help, if done lightly.

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Judith, I guess it's something different to do as much as anything else. 

I walk and do pilates daily but it is mostly the same old walks near our village and the pilates is different videos that I can find on line.  My regular pilates class is on zoom but I find that tiresome.  Seems to me that the teacher shouts out all the same sorts of instructions all the time.

That's also why I am in leggings and t-shirts and fleeces all the time; can't be bothered to change for walks and pilates.  Have not visited others (only the lady doing my curtains) and have not had people come for meals.

Id, I agree that most people do look better with light make-up and I myself feel better with a bit of make-up on.  Not different but just subtly better.  Of course, I never wear make-up walking or for pilates; no point as for both activities I get hot and sweaty.

When my stuff comes, I will try it on and let you all know how I find it[:)]

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I've started wearing some of my better T-shirts for my zooms, with various forms of pants, though I have worn a denim skirt when the weather improved .. but the makeup just gets wiped off as I sweat, so why bother.  I'll start wearing my jewellery more when I get to go out more .. no point for hospitals and shopping which is all I've been to this last year!

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Hospitals and shopping....yup, I can relate to that[:)]

I do like to look my best when I have hospital appointments though because I don't want to look ill!!!  I like to cheer up my consultants because I reckon they must get pretty depressed seeing all their really ill patients and, of course, losing a fair few [+o(]

I wear nice clothes, have my best accessories, scarves, handbags, shoes or boots.  Also have a lovely, stylish but practical choice of underwear....er....that last only applies to those who need to undress[:D]

It's also about the only time I might wear a light, flowery scent.  That's to give them a change from hospital smells and disinfectants[I]

You think I'm mad?  Yup, can agree with that too....ha! ha! ha!

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Indeed, Mint, though I don't wear much perfume, and other people's wafting past my nose often makes me sneeze.

I may not be very fashionable these days, going more for elasticated waists and comfort (and no need to remove for scans!), but I go for colour .. Friday I was in bright pink, flowery and loose pants with a matching T-shirt, and when I say pink it was not a pale pink .. but magenta like though more red than blue .. the nurse said "all in rose"!  

"When I am old I will wear purple ..."!!  Only mine is any bright colour ..

That's cheering enough I think!

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For about a decade, I wore lots of elasticated waists.  Now I have banned them!

They were so comfortable and hid so much that I had no incentive to keep in shape.  Since I have stopped wearing any sort of elasticated waisted anything, I have rediscovered my waist!!  Yes, it's been there all the time but it does require a bit of work and self-sacrifice to keep it.

But the joy of looking at the unused notches on your belts makes up for all the hard work.  In fact, I took a tentative sip at a glass of wine on my birthday (first sip this year and first sip since the very first lockdown in spring of last year) and blimey, it tasted so strong, I couldn't finish the glass[:-))]

OTOH, I made a huge fruit cake for OH's birthday earlier this month and a huge chocolate cake for my birthday just before the weekend and they tasted extra yummy!  But for the fact that I gave some cake to my neighbours and saving some for my new bestie, we would have finished the lot all by ourselves!  Nothing as nice as being self-indulgent after all?[:D]

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