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What shall I do with my garden? :-D


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So I just moved into a place in Fontainebleau where I have the garden all to myself. I've never really gardened before and don't want to do anything complex or costly, but I'd like to do something. I'm wondering if anyone here could give me some tips or advice.. I'd like to post a photo of the yard here but I'm not sure how.

My ideas so far... I'm going to steal some blackberry trimmings from a friend to grow in one corner. I'd like to grow some sort of ivy... maybe grapes? Something along one side of the yard on a trellis to provide a little more privacy. I'd like to grow some fruits and vegetables... wondering how I might create a raised garden for veggies, and what kind of fruit trees would grow fast and well in France. I'm thinking about fig.... I'd like to grow some flowers, especially useful ones like lavender...

Any suggestions? Thanks! :-)
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