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Garden in a mess


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It’s been another lovely sunny day here in Berkshire. I’ve been battling with brambles that have woven their way through a huge cornus during the winter.

It was lovely out there, sunshine, a clear blue sky, birds singing, primroses everywhere and a robin at my feet throwing leaf mould around while searching for food.
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I’ve also noticed some changes in the general weather patterns, and that’s disturbing. I haven’t thought about moving South and about moving in general. It’s a disturbing sign that something’s wrong with the weather, and I don’t even know what we can do about it. Probably, we just have to learn to live in these new conditions.
I think I will not make the garden of my dreams in my backyard because it doesn’t make that much sense now. It’s starting to be cold too early, and I would rather build a small patio here. I’ve already looked up furniture for it: check it out. I think it will be a nice place to spend time even when it’s cold outside.

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