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Yes Pete. we do live in a bootiful part of France. Quite rural, nearest town Lucon, about 9 miles away. We have a slow running river about 200 meters away, with reputedly lots of fish! No grafiti, no hooligans, very few English speakers  altho we have met one or two other expats who live a couple of miles away.

The only real gripes are that their is no handy little open all hours shop, and the DIY and builders merchants arn't very close either.

 Due to the usual Brit urge to renovate (is it summat genetic?) we spend so much time in  La Roche Sur Yon 's Brico Depot that the manager is thinking about charging us rent.

I have read the classic Peter Mayle's A Year in Provence and can assure you that that delightfully lighthearted piece literature is a long way from our experience. Due to language difficulties a dodgy wood burner and a plumbing system that could be of interest to an industrial archeologist, We are about to sue for our ..I think .. .4th divorce but will probably think it over..again.. after a glass or two of the local brew.

 Absolute Utopia it is not, but certainly better than what we left behind in the UK.

 err.. I'm about to get in full flight again  Pete. I had better log off now.

Now where did I put that glass?

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