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House sitting in the Charente


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My family and I are in the process of relocating back to England, mainly because my daughter wants to do her GCSE's there.  We are about to put our house in France up for sale and we think that it might take a little while to sell as it is a fairly large property.  We share the house with my in-laws which hasn't worked out (they live in the wing of the main house).  We are looking for someone to house sit and look after our dogs which have to stay here for the next six months.  We live just outside the market town of Chalais in the Charente.  If you are interested in house sitting or require more details please reply.
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Dear David

We have stumbled across your post whilst looking for exactly what you have described.

We are currently staying in Jarnac in order to finish writing a book on a recent adventure in France, with our wonderful labrador. We are currently looking for a six month stay as writing is a more time consuming thing than we first imagined!

In England I worked as PA to the Headmistress of St Catherine's school, Bramley near Guildford, one of the top schools in the country and my husband Mark worked for Barnados as a Manager in nearby Godalming.

Like you we are in the process of selling our property which is in Andalucia but will be staying in France as the sale goes through as fortunately we have found a very good agent to handle things for us. Mark's family also come from France and we are taking the opportunity to brush up on our French.

I am 38, Mark is 43, Rugby (the dog) is 8 and comes everywhere with us and is used to staying in hotels, gites, pensions in Spain or happily sitting under my desk at work, cuddled by all the girls! After the initial introductory bark, he gets on with all dogs.

As you can tell we love dogs. We have also found that one of the best ways for us to write is walking and would exercise the dogs as much as you would like them to be.

We are currently staying in a gite but are looking to move to something longer term as soon as possible as we need a routine to be able to write consistently.

Our phone is currently a Spanish mobile that refuses to operate here - we are in the process of changing it so please reply by PM or email.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes

Laura and Mark Tong

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i also live in chalais - i am available until christmas  - you should call me - i might be able to help you, what would you pay?

My name is victoria  -

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i cant remember my mobile!!


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