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Long term let in Ariege


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Hello Bunty and welcome.

Can I suggest that you have a look on the web for Immobilier around the area you want to rent in. They may not rent properties out themselves but know of people who do. Ariege is a big 'county' and an idea of roughly were you want to live may help.

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Hi Bunty,

What about this one...


Also there is a website called ariegelife.com.  Try there as I have seen property to rent offered on this site. 

Being nosey now - where are you heading for and who is "we"?  We (family of 4 - kids age 6 and 4) are heading over to Ariege in March.  We have found a place to rent initially so can't help much there but if you are looking for another new family to meet up with then let me know.

Good luck


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