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TV programme 'Dans la peau d'un handicappé'

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3 able-bodied journalists experience for themselves the daily problems of someone in a wheelchair in France.

Shopping, access, getting a job etc.

They are helped by  people who have real problems, and it is a bit artificial in that they are young and attractive (as are the really handicapped people), but I think it gives a pretty good snapshot of urban life in France in a wheelchair.

Might be a bit of a shock for those used to the much better accessibility in the UK.

The plan is that things will be better by 2015..


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[quote user="NormanH"]  

The plan is that things will be better by 2015..


Well they better hurry up Norman, as there is only about ten weeks to go. In the local town in France where we have our holiday home; is a specialist care and rehabilitation establishment for wheel chair bound people. It seems most of them are or were motor bike enthusiasts, if our local town is anything to go by then France is still in the dark ages as far as being disabled friendly. I do have some knowledge of the problem, having had a brother in law with multiple sclerosis and before he unfortunately left this world I must say his help in England although not perfect; was very good.  

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I have wondered over the years, if planners and Mairies and all those that decide these things, find it easy to ignore the fact that the access is so poor for handicapped people, because handicapped people are seen so rarely in France.

Chicken and egg, life too difficult if they do go out and about.

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Our local Mairie has a long flight of steps at the front door. Of course the handicapped parking space is at the bottom of these steps, so to access the Mairie you have to push up a steep hill at the side of the Mairie, then round the back and knock at an unmarked door. This enters a draughtsmens office so wheel between the desks with the men moving chairs out of the way, then wheel through a maze of narrow back corridors to reach reception which is the only part of the Mairie which can be reached by wheelchair.

One doctors (GP) office has two large steps up to enter with no side rails to hold onto, but does have a toilet that can be accessed by handicapped people. Another doctor has a street entrance with no steps to reception, but has a very tight turn to go into the docs office, and no accessible toilet. This is difficult when a person has prostate problems. A third doctor has his office up a flight of stairs with no lift access.

Our local restaurant and supermarket complex has one Asian style toilet (squat over a hole in the ground). and no other toilet facilities.

All a bit behind the times.
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Toilets at the GP's in my old village remains as it always was a turkish toilet and no where to wash hands.

How any one is supposed to use them, I know not.

And there are steps up to the building too.

France and wheelchair use is not a good mix, maybe one day!

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