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I've been living in France for a while and have my own business that I run (mostly) via the internet. None of my clients are in France, but in order to contribute to the French system, I'm thinking seriously about setting up a SARL and channeling most of my work through it.

I've had a look at some of the links available here and arrived quite quickly at the conclusion that I need to consult a French accountant.

Does anyone here use a French accountant (Dept. 22) that they would willingly recommend (that perhaps has a willing ear for badly spoken French)?

Thanks in advance.


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If you have been operating in France you should have registered your business by now. But it is not too late: I would suggest Account Revision, www.account-revision.com, based near Rennes, so not too far from you in 22. They have a couple of people who speak excellent English and have a good knowledge of both French and British systems, having a lot of British clients who have set up businesses in France. A good French acccountant won't come cheap, but will save you more than enough to cover their fees - at least A-R has for us.
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