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  1. Has anyone had recent experience of 'résiliation' of ther internet service with Orange? We have a landline connection, with broadband, which we disconnect when we are not at the house. The landline is no problem, but the broadband is more complex. Three years ago, after some problems, the advisor on the English Service gave me more information, which I successfully followed, i.e., a letter sent with 'Avis de Réception' to the correct address. Today, I have been told that this has not been the system for more than 3 years, and we can disconnect by phoning the English Service 10 days beforehand. What is the truth? We have other friends who are with Orange who have had the same confusion, so we are not alone. Any help will be very gratefully received.
  2. This information may be too late for Daft Doctor, but might be of use to others doing the North/South trek through France. When travelling south, we always stop at a lovely Chambres d'Hôtes in Laubressel, just west of Troyes. It is only a few minutes from the AutoRoute, and the pretty village is so peaceful. The B&B is very comfortable - it is an old farmhouse, recently updated, and very attractive. The proprietors serve an evening meal (booked in advance), and dogs are accepted. We paid 97€ for the two of us last week - that is dinner (with aperitifs & wine), bed & breakfast, and we love going there. http://coraline10.voila.net For the trip north, we prefer to be a little nearer Calais, so we always stop at another B&B near to Chalons-en-Champagne, where we always have a wonderful welcome, & feel very much at home. Again, we a meal is available, if booked in advance, and "well behaved dogs, with their own cage/bed" are usually accepted, but this is something you have to discuss with the lovely proprietor. A night for 2 here, with dinner & breakfast comes to about 88€ http://www.les4saisons.eu/1.html Bon voyage  !
  3. Thank you, NormanH, for your reccomendation to find another provider. After our recent experience, that is what we wanted to do, but Orange seems to be the only provider who will let us have broadband with no contract. It really is so much better to be connected only for the time we are at the house, as we are already paying an annual fee here in the UK to our broadband provider here. Unless someone out there knows something we don't??[;-)]
  4. I was speaking to a very helpful advisor on the Orange/France Telecom English service today, and would like to share information he gave me. As we had many problems terminating our ADSL connection last autumn, I was concerned that we would have similar problems in autumn, 2012. Last year, I was told that we had to terminate our contract at the end of each season, sending a registered letter. When we did this, the frustrating chain of events started.[:@] Today, I was told NOT to send the letter by registered post, but to send a short, simple letter, asking to change our connection to "Accés Libre", by ordinary post , about 10 days before we leave the house. This will change our connection to a "dial-up" one, keep our email address and all our passwords etc. Then, when we want to reconnect, we ask them 15 days before we leave the UK to change the abonnement to ADSL. He also gave me the address to write to: Orange Service Clients Internet, Unit 40, TSA 90008, 59878 LILLE. Despite his clear instructions, I am still at a loss to understand why I was told by another advisor last autumn that the Accés Libre is no longer available. Do they make up the rules as they go along? I really appreciate that they provide this English Speaking Service, but I do wish that the advice they give is consistent![8-)] I would appreciate any comments. [:)]   
  5. When talking to the English Service of Orange this morning, I was given information which might help others. It is no longer possible to "suspend" the ADSL, or have "accés libre". The existing contract must be cancelled, and a new one taken out when reconnecting. The other important fact is that the Orange Service Clients Internet has changed their address (which explains the difficulties I've had recently). The new address now is: Orange Service Clients Internet, TSA 90008, 59878 LILLE, cedex 9 Good luck!
  6. I know how you feel! We have had the Découvert from Orange for the past couple of years, and it has worked well when we have suspended and restarted it. However, this time is turning into a nightmare. I have had to send two letters in October (both 'recommandé)to try to suspend the ADSL, and our neighbour in France has rung us this evening to say that our bill for November has come, so they have obviously ignored both letters. I will try speaking to the English Service again on Monday, but, other than that, I have no idea what to do next. Any suggestions (polite, please!) will be gratefully received.
  7. Hello again! Just thought that I would let you know that the Schengen Visa has been obtained today, & they are on their way tomorrow. We had to provide an "Attestation d'Acceuil", which was complicated & expensive, even involving a visit from the Mayor to inspect our house (why??), but it was all worth it. Thank you for your comments.
  8. I'd be grateful for any advice on this.....our son's girlfriend is from Thailand, but has a UK Resident's permit. They want to come & stay with us in our house in Provence for a short holiday. Is there any way round the lengthy & expensive process of the Schengen Visa? Appointments to apply for one are booked up for weeks ahead (apparently by Travel Visa Agents), & you also have to give details of hotel bookings, etc BEFORE you get the visa. Obviously, making any booking before receiving the visa is risky, as the long delays might mean you don't get there in time!! Also, in our case, they will be staying with us, so we would happily take responsibility for her. Does anyone out there have any experience of this, please?
  9. That was very helpful, Jo. I went to the Saga website, which is excellent, and got sorted very easily. Can't think why I didn't try them before.....! Thank you all for your suggestions - it's wonderful to know that such helpful people are out there. MarieCeleste[:D]
  10. Thank you, Baz, I'll have a look at that & other similar sites. In the meantime, I'd still be grateful to hear from anyone who can recommend a specific company. MarieCeleste
  11. We have a house in Provence, which we visit 3 times a year. The longest visit is for 10 weeks, but, as we are both over 60, though fit & active, despite pre-existing medical conditions, it is getting more & more difficult to find an annual policy which will cover us for this length of time. We cannot be alone in needing cover in the event of a major illness (hospital care, repatriation, etc.), and are happy to use our European Health Card for minor problems. Has anyone else had similar problems, and can recommend an insurance firm that will provide cover to us wrinklies? I would be grateful for any ideas.
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