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  1. Can any one help we are planning to move to the south west of france in the summer my husband is a carpenter and want to do this in france but is also willing to do other building services. We have heard that becoming self employed is very expensive for taxs but have also heard about micro bussiness can any one tell me about them??how much can you earn a year?? thanks  
  2. i am having fertility treatment in the uk and i may have to have ivf we want to move to france as we have a house there. I have heard that if you pay into the french system for  6 months to a year then i can get 3 free ivf treatments. can anyone tell me if this is true my husband all ready has an older son from a previous relationship so we are not entitled to have free ivf in the uk.my husband will be working as soon as we get to france however i will not. our dream is to be in france with a family so if it is true it would be such good news for us. Thankyou
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