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  1. Hi, would anyone be travelling by car soon from the UK back towards  Duras 47 area. Would much appreciate hearing from you.


  2. Just would like to know, I have a Volvo V60, oct 2010, it has headlights that you can switch from within the car from RHD to LHD, would these lights be Ok for passing a CT? Anyone that has one of these cars, apologies I am not very good at technical explanation....Thanks

  3. partout


    Hello, well we have been looking to buy a small van for daily use. We have been using Ebay, Le bon coin, and various other search engines, to our annoyance we have found loads of scams. For example, a car of about 12months old, excellent condition, full service history, all receipts, signed docs for (non gage) etc etc for about 3500Euros, we couldn't believe it, so we tentatively made an enquiry, a reply came, with full details of the car, no scratches,bumps etc, and an explanation as to the low price,

    ' I am a military nurse from the 16eme near Perpignan and am overseas at moment, and would rather sell the car as I am not sure how long i will be away, and will buy a new one when I am back'

    They then want you to fill your name, address, tel number, delivery date.

    Included in this price will be delivery to your home address,  in advance you send a copy of the Western Union cheque  in advance of the car being delivered for you to inspect and test drive, without obligation,  if you are satisfied with the 'car' you hand the actual cheque over to the driver with the secret codes erased -------but he never turns up

    So once they have the photo copy of the check they must have a way of getting the secret password from it, how no idea, they claim the funds, and you cannot get the refund from Western Union....

    And voila, you have been taken for an expensive ride.

    I have reported this to ebay, I wonder if I'll ever get a reply from Ebay etc.....

  4. Hello, would like to purchase a used car in france (dept52) and get it re registered to our address in 47, can this be done at the prefecture in 52. Reason for this is, we would go back tp collect some belongings in the Uk and then drive down to 47.

    I thought that  you could choose whichever dept you would like to register the  car in and that it can be done at any prefecture.

    Have I got this right, or am I barking up the wrong tree, if someone could be kind enough to advise.


  5. GOOD AFTERNOON, we have a Godin propane gas range, and was wondering when using the oven are the gas temps the same as that of a uk range gas cooker, after all, got to get the yorkshire pud cooked right!

  6. Hello, we were wondering how we can go about transferring our 1952 citroen from a regular carte gris to carte gris collection, does anyone have any info or experience in doing this?

  7. Oops, spelling error should read as follows

    How about Hi Folks instead of Hi guys, now who might take ofence to this?

  8. Hello,

    how about Hi Folks, instead of Hi Guys, ow who might take offence of that?

  9. Hi there, does anyone having any dealings with a roofer, Renaux, near to Duras ?

  10. Good morning,the outside stone walls of our house near Duras has been invaded (so to speak) by what look like bees, they are relatively small, their body is either a very dark brown/black and an orangey red bottom , they are in and out of the stone walls, only when the sun shines though, they do not appear to like the cool days or rain. Sorry no photograph, are they nasties we should be worried about  do you think?


  11. Alex H, now why didn't that come up when I asked for corniche cuisine, thanks will see if there is a outlet near to us in 47 thanks  

  12. Hi AlexH, the corniceing we have found is for ceilings it fits snugly onto the ceiling and the wall, that for a cupboard is different..sorry but difficult to explain believe me we have looked, if you know of any corniceing for cupboards please email me Alex H. Thanks

  13. Cooperlola, thanks,  have been in to see these, and unfortunatly they are not any good, have done Brico depot,bricolage, leroy,casto, bricorama, and no luck, most probably have to bring some down from blighty. thanks for looking

  14. Hi, have been searching to find corniceing for a pine book case that we have built. The type that you find on top of kitchen cabinets, would prefer a non painted cornice or one that could be painted over. Have found a couple at really silly prices of nearly 90,00 euros, can't or won't pay  that... Any other ideas, we are near to Duras...

  15. Thanks all, the old man b/pressure is caused by me apparently, always the wifes fault.

     In the states the paramedics are based in most f/stations, not that we ever used them.

    We left our portable kit at home in the UK, and he was just wandering how things were going.

    He looks OK to me , and I have not been doing the nagging or have you done this...not that I do!!!

    But thanks all.

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