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  1. First you lay strips of insulation on the beams, then you lay the metal panels, then you inbed the underfloor heating in a layer of light-weight cement, then you tile over. Before you do al the above, you enforce the new floor underneath with acro's. At least, I think that's the way my husband is doing it... I'm no expert on the matter.
  2. Thanks for all your replies. We have found the distributor for France, KDI, they were helpful and have an outlet in Brive (19) where we managed to buy the panels for Euro 33 each. About 30% more expensive than in the Netherlands, where the system is invented, but a good basis for a new floor in which you can also lay underfloor heating, which is very comfortable warmth in the months when it gets chilly. Thanks again!
  3. As you can not tile directly onto a wooden floor, the metal plates+mortar allow you to get a stable surface on which to tile. It looks something like corragated iron, but square cornered instead of half-round. _ _ _ |_| |_| |_| |_|
  4. Hi, To make a tiled bathroom floor on an existing wooden floor (1st floor) : We want to buy metal 'dovetail' plate material to lay on the wooden beams, then a thin layer of mortar and then tile over it. In Dutch this is called "zwaluwstaartplaat". Does anyone know the French word for it and whether it is sold in France/Limousin? Regards,
  5. Hi Cassis, "If anyone can't find them through Google, and you want a copy, ask me by email and I'll send hard copies of the latest 2008 versions in pdf format. I've got Gites and B&B regs for both GdF and Clévacances. " Have sent you a PM. Myriam  
  6. Hi Cassis, Sent you a PM. Regards, Myriam    
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