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  1. Hi There Thanks for the advice, we would probably want to work on this as a joint business venture - and are fully prepared to take a massive salary cut! Given that we are not intending to move imminently I think it will be off to night school for him for a few years to learn as much French as he can as you suggest - is that what your two architect friends did? We don't necessarily want to live in the middle of nowhere as I know many Brits do - I would not be opposed to living near or even in a town but my husband is a very keen surfer so it would have to be near the coast! I am a recruitment consultant and my company does have offices in many major French cities - which would seem very sensible, but I am trying to avoid doing this as it would be a lifestyle change for us. Maybe I would be well-advised to work for them if I can for the first couple of years?? My other ideas were teaching English as a foreign language or setting up a yoga school..... Lots of ideas - we just need to commit to one! Thanks Helen    
  2. thanks for that, we certainly will do that. is PI insurance hard to get for sole traders out there?
  3. Hi All My husband and I have always wanted to move to France, and are determined to do it within the next few years. We have two small children to consider also..... I can speak French fluently but my husband does not. I am not too concerned for myself working, but my husband is not a natural linguist -but is willing to learn. He is, however, an Architect - which I feel should stand him in fairly good stead on some level! Am I being a little naiive to assume he will be able to work with very limited language skills intially?? We have had various other ideas such as about just running gites/B&Bs etc - but capital may be an issue as we do not want to take out a huge mortgage or end up watching our capital draining away in renovation costs, and the seemingly massive social costs of setting up a business in France are putting me off a little? My other idea was for him to offer english speaking architectural services to ex-pats - whilst I could do the translation/liaison works? I would love to hear from any families who have moved out to France with similar fears and concerns, or to hear any advice.... Thanks Helen      
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