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  1. Dear all, I have recieved a letter from the CPAM finally after applying to them. On it it has our number of d'immatriculation. This I assume is the important number for health care purposes. 1- Question the form also mentioned attesttation d'affiliation, whats the difference from this and immatriculation? 2- Also we need I think to join the CAF. do I just go to the CAF with this immatriculation number and the other normal wadge of id proofs to join them too? 3- Lastly, Will i expect to recieve a carte vitel or do i only get this paper as I am here temporarily on an E106? best regards Leigh
  2. Dear Squidge, Many thanks for teh reply and greaqt info, and appologies for teh delayed response. I now know my E101 and E106 are winging their way to me. I will make it my priority to locate the CPAM on arrival and trya nd sort all health care for my wife.  Regards L.    
  3. Anj, thanks for the time to reply, We are hoping that if its a UK birth then we will fly back at the latest possible time which I think is 35/6 weeks which ties into the dates the docs want us back. Just last night I spoke to a colleague who lived here in Grenoble and his wife may have more info on birthing in france. so we will get together in a week or 2 to discuss. We are also hoping if we go back that my wife could rturn to france in 3-4 weeks after, assuming fingers crossed nout goes wrong. currently there are no complications just the need for a caesarian. Regards L.
  4. Thanks cooperlola, this is looking a bit sticky. What do I need to register with the CPAM as I am not in france yet (16th June). How long does it take to be covered? I would hate to come here and not be covered for a while by anyone!. EDIT : I just spoke to the centre for non-residents in UK and they say that my E106 should allow for health care in France and UK. So thats good. L.
  5. Thanks for the reply Frenchie, ok, some aditional info :) This birth will be a Caesarian so going back on time to the Uk should be reasonably planned (1 week before predicted due date). Given this how would this be organised in france? If it is not private would the gyn organise this with the hospital? Regards L
  6. Dear all, I am in need of some info.... the background, I am moving to france in june with my pregnant wife (due mid sept) and son. I will be UK paid on an E101 and with E106 (NI in UK). I expect to join a mutuelle on arrival here in Grenoble. The first birth was not a great experience so we are a bit worried about the next one. Due to our current lack of french (we are going to have lessons on arrival) and knowledge of the french health system and maternity care our first option is to go back to the UK for the birth. That is a pain though, it means me working in france and my wife going back 4 weeks before due date and staying 3 weeks after the due date. This is a lot of time appart for us (I will go for the birth!) and also requires a lenghty stay for my wife at her parents, not something she is keen on. Please can anyone give any advice or directions to info on the following matters, - how we might stand coverage wise in the health system in france having only been here a few months and on a 106. - would my wife be covered for full care given us paying in UK NI. - Is language going to be a big barrier or would finding an english speaking obst a plan. - Anyone know an English speaking one in the Lyon/Grenoble area. - How does birthing in france work, if you have a gynae/obst, are they at the birth? - are we stupid to consider going back to the UK? Sorry for list of questions, any info no matter how small will be of use to help decision making. Regards L
  7. Thanks for the clarification SD. Doing it that way will also simplify the whole situatiuon too. best regards Leigh
  8. Dear cooperlooa, I understand that I declare all income. I will most likely not transfer is all to france though so I expect I will declare that left in the UK based on rates at end of year. grenoble the city itself does not seem to be the most aesthetic of places but the mountains make up for that :) :) Am looking forward to renting nice little house (currently in small flat in Oxford) giveing teh sprogs some garden to run about in and possibly even getting some chucks. :) life is on the up. regards leigh
  9. Dear Cooperlola, Many thanks for the time to reply. The answer to 1. is comforting. Regarding to 2. I guess one would calculate the rate when transfered to france and any remining funds in the UK then get declared as savings. I am happier now knowing that I can work my money out, many more questions to come though I guess. Best regards Leigh , future grenoblois
  10.     Dear All, I am new here but it seemed a very useful source of info so I joined :) I am moving to france in June to work 3 years for science lab in France but I will be seconded here, not full french emloyee. Basically it means I am in a complicated position (but not much different from a person on a UK £ pension I guess) that I get paid my salary in £ in the UK and the rest is up to me. I might be able to still retain NI contributions in UK though. I think I understand the income tax and the parts. I have wife and child with one on way in september so am currently taxed on salary divided by 2.5 then 3 in Sept. (re multipled by parts). my main issue is trying to work out what I will actually have disposable in france so I can budget! And the main focus of this is currently the Euro/£ rate. so my questions (which I have searched for  but not found difinitive answers are as follows) 1. Does the French tax return allow me to declare earnings / month therefore adjust for euro/£ rate as I go through the year, or will I be at the mercy to gain/lose at teh end of a year by picking one rate or the current rate. 2. Assuming the above is monthly I guess that I would pay tax on my total income that month regardless of it it was brought to France in euro at that current rate. Therefore having a fixed rate for tax porposes but the ability to transfer the actul funds at a more favourable time. 3. Is French income tax applicable to total gross salary or salary minus social security? Appologies if this has been done to death. Regards in advance, Leigh
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