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  1. This is a ridiculous question: it is difficult to defines "French" food  since there is  such a large range of regional dishes; and personal taste affects the idea of 'rating'.

    In this area there are strong influences from Catalan/Spanish and Italian cooking, and hints of North Africa in some of the seasoning. There are restaurants serving everything from Vegan dishes to ribs of beef; seafood platters with oysters, raw mussels  'bulots' and whole crab; and traditional fare such as "Pot au feu", seasonal soups (potiron in October, or "vélouté de champignons " more recently since we finally had a little rain so there were some mushrooms).



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  2. I too have been with them from the beginning in one of my barrels. At the other one I have had Free since the beginning. Both have served me well, though I get a slightly cheaper deal with Free.

    With Sosh you get access to the Online Tv stations of Orange

  3. 22 hours ago, alittlebitfrench said:

    How does it work the other way around? French owners of UK property?

    Is it the 90 day rule ?

    Everytime we go through Border force they quiz us like we are Colombian drug smugglers. Where are you staying…when are you going home ?

    umm…staying with my mum for a couple of days….mate. Is that alright with you ?



    Yet again hi-jacking a topic and diverting it to seek attention. Once pointed out it is easy to spot, so why not try something else?

  4. 11 hours ago, NickP said:

    I downloaded your photo and altered the brightness plus lowered the contrast and on my PC it looked fine , but when I tried to upload it to this site it was as dark as you original. So maybe it's the software on Complete France.

    Thanks for bothering to do  that. I think you are right.

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  5. 4 hours ago, cajal said:

    I guess the most accurate pronunciation would be achieved via a French -> French, simply for the audio. However, translation software doesn't allow for that permutation.

    If I pronounce my version (which is an argued-through version of Lori's) into my French note taker it gives Ajaccio.

  6. I think the first is hard as  in "ak" then the second is  soft as in is "sio" ( in the French version anyway)

    if you think about it there is d'AC   as in "d'accord"   and "cio" as in "ciel"  or "cimes"


  7. Here is another which is a real challenge as the original has a tight rhyme-scheme and syllabic structure

    The original is here: https://www.poetica.fr/poeme-794/guillaume-apollinaire-le-pont-mirabeau/

    Him reading it: https://media.sas.upenn.edu/pennsound/authors/Apollinaire/Apollinaire-Guillaume_01_Le-Pont-Mirabeau_1913.mp3

    My Translation

    Beneath the Pont Mirabeau flows the Seine

    So do our loves

    Must I tell myself again

    Joy always came after Pain


    Clocks may strike, night may come

    Days go by, I live on


    Hand in hand, lets stay eye to eye

    Under the bridge

    Of our arms waves glide by

    Weary of eternal scrutiny


    Clocks may strike, night may come

    Days go by, I live on


    Love goes away as the water flows

    Love goes away

    Just as life slows

    And Hope deals us violent blows


    Clocks may strike, night may come

    Days go by, I live on


    Days and weeks pass in vain

    Nor time past

    Nor past loves come back again


    Beneath the Pont Mirabeau flows the Seine

    Clocks may strike, night may come

    Days go by, I live on

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