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  1. I have just received this from county council where I was last registered to vote:


    Your vote matters. Don’t lose it.
    I’m writing to let you know that your recent application to be added to the electoral register has
    been successful. You are on the register as an overseas voter.

    You will be added to the register on 01 March 2024 unless there is an election called before then,
    in which case you will be added to the register in time to be able to vote at that election. Currently,
    your vote method is registered as: in person. As you are an Overseas elector, we suggest that you
    make arrangements to vote by post or proxy.
    If you have supplied us with your previous address and informed us that you are no longer
    resident there for electoral purposes, your entry on the electoral register for that address will be
    Your registration as an Overseas Elector expires on the 28 February 2025.
    Overseas declarations must be renewed every twelve months. You should let us know if you do
    not intend to be resident at this address, or if you move house.

  2. I have always disliked this, since I have had one of my cancers return after two years, and then metastases on the liver 5 years later from the same one. The other cancer has remained in remission but one knows that nothing is certain, so this empty celebration is more wishful thinking than anything else.

  3. 1 hour ago, Riggers said:

    I got a three course meal in a French Restaurant in Liverpool for£19.99 last week and it was excellent My three course Christmas lunch in an Italian was £25.99 still okay like everywhere there’s good and bad The prices are going up here though 

    Here is the 19.50€ menu from one of my haunts..


  4. 13 hours ago, DaveLister said:

    Very nice Norman, and strikingly similar to the board outside a restaurant I know in a local town that has a reputation for serving 'real French food'. Fortunately few of it's clientele are up at 6:30 when the Brakes van delivers.

    In that  Café  the kitchen is open to view and you can speak  to Sandrine as she is cooking. I am sure it is home cooked food.

    Don't assume that Brakes and other suppliers delivering means that they are serving meals completely pre-prepared by those firms, although that  is a possibility. Sometimes the restaurateur is buying in ingredients or things such as Ice-cream https://www.krill.fr/trouver-votre-distributeur/sobraques-distribution/


  5. 12 hours ago, alittlebitfrench said:

    Where are prices please ?

    Not much on the menu for a 80% vegetarian like me.



    12 hours ago, alittlebitfrench said:

    Where are prices please ?

    Not much on the menu for a 80% vegetarian like me.


    15€... each day there is just the one dish.  My point is that it shows  Traditional French FOOD


  6. And his successor as Minister for Education sends her children to a  private Catholic school, citing  the fact that there was no  cover  for missing teachers, and her children  meet a better class of friends in the private system https://www.liberation.fr/societe/education/enfants-doudea-castera-scolarises-dans-le-prive-cest-lecole-qui-se-fout-de-la-charite-20240112_EF5H2S5UVVBVNPFDPZKDMHT2D4/


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  7. I have just   started the process but they want  the  uk Passport number and my old address and post code. So far no nI Number and it accepted  the date I left the UK which is 28 years ago. Haven't finished yet as I have  to look out the passport, but will report back

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