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  1. In my experience the installation is free. The line to the house is done by France Télécom (Orange).

    Au niveau de la rue et de l’immuble, les frais de déploiement de la fibre optique sont totalement pris en charge par les opérateurs agréés (Orange, Free, SFR, Bouygues Télécom, Altitude, Covage, Axione et TDF).


    Once at the house the rest depends on which operator you have chosen. The fee varies widely.

    • Orange offre un raccordement gratuit, mais propose une option d’Installation Experte à 89 euros (branchements, configuration, conseils, etc.) ;
    • Free propose un raccordement totalement gratuit ;
    • Bouygues raccorde le logement gratuitement si le câble fait moins de 10 mètres. L’intervention est facturée 25 euros, s’il mesure entre 10 et 50 mètres ou 50 euros s’il fait plus de 50 mètres ;
    • SFR facture l’installation de la fibre optique en maison individuelle à hauteur de 149 euros pour un câblage souterrain et 249 euros pour un câblage aérien.



  2. I had a somewhat different problem with them, in that when I tried to connect to the site ameli.fr it kept coming up in big red letters that my social security number was unknown, un that I was not registered with them.

    I contacted the helpline, who said that there was a new system by which you had to go further down the page and press a button as an extra security measure and another code would be sent to your email.

    The problem was I couldn't even get down the page to that button.

    Fortunately in town we have France Services (https://www.economie.gouv.fr/particuliers/france-services) which is an excellent gatekeeping service with access to all the other ones, such as ameli, the Caf etc.


    A very helpful chap took me seriously straight away and the great advantage was I was sitting opposite him while he looked at the site with his computer, so he was able to see for himself the problem I had, rather than having to try to explain over the phone to somebody who doesn't believe you.


    Ne said straight away “ah oui ce n’est pas banal ça” and sent an immediate email via the special hotline that France Services has to each of the other services.


    At the same time he printed off a copy of an “attestation de droits” in case I had a problem .


    a week later I had an audio message from Ameli saying that they had had an IT problem and that now everything was in order.

    I also had a call a from the man at France Services to check that everything was settled.


    I am one happy customer; and I recommend people to visit their local branch if they have a problem with the administration.

  3. That is what I heard too cajal, so it wasn't 'illegal' as such. On the other hand the person charging down the ball is supposed to remain behind the try  line until the kicker moves and some people were questioning whether he had.

    In anycase what's the betting that the Rugby World Cup receives much less attention in the French media from now on 😈

  4. I know very little about Rugby but as it is a hot topic in Béziers who in the distant past were Chamions of France 12 times (https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bouclier_de_Brennus )    so I have to seem interested. I find the French  TV commentators on France 2 and TVI so totally chauvinist  (as they are in the Tour de France) that I triad a hack to ITV.... and there a shrill voices HARRIDAN was going on an on so I had to switch ofv...

  5. It sounds to me as if they haven't given you the allowance against tax paid at source in the UK on your wife's Civil Service pension. They should calculate what would have  been paid on  that  if all  had been payable in France then deduct that from your tax bill....

  6.  I eat 'out' every day in  a few regular haunts and never have a problem.😛

    As for

    • three weeks’ holiday in Europe (per year) The area in which I live is a major holiday destinantion
    • food shops costing £56 per person per week I spend about 75 euros including my eating out
    • £1,500 worth of clothes per person annually I doubt I spend more than 300 euros a year

    On the other hand there is no mention of such major expenses as a 'mutuelle' which can easily come to nearly 2000 euros a year at my age.


  7. Don't forget that if you have a 'résidence secondaire'  either rented or owned you pay taxe d'habitation, and in some places it  has been  sharpy increased to make up for  the loss of income from its abolition on one's main place.https://demarchesadministratives.fr/demarches/residence-secondaire-fiscalite-et-imposition




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