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  1. Hi Angie, Whereabouts are you? I have field on Limousin/Charente border which had an informal arrangement with local farmer for free cutting in exchange for fodder.. Finished now so looking for similar arrangement with someone else. If you are anywhere near then your friend could certainly use my field for similar purposes. Thanks
  2. Hi Kel, Thanks for the feedback from someone who is at the sharp end of things. I cannot find any info on Travail Independent but there seems to be a system called "Regime Reel", which is more like the UK system, where taxes and social security contributions are paid on actual net profits. It also seems under this sytem that losses can be carried over for up to 6 years. Also it appears that new businesses do not have to make a tax declaration in the first year. Can anyone confirm whether this is so and that I have understood it correctly. Or, under this system, are cotisations still payable at a fixed rate but able to be adjusted after the first set of accounts. All very confusing !!! I'm beginning to wonder if it's worth all the hassle !!! [:D] Regards...... Frank  
  3. Hello Charles and Ernie and thanks for the useful information., I have managed to find some more information on setting up a one man business in France and the various options available. Why can't it be as simple as it is in the UK !!!  Anyway the information is much as you say, Charles, but it doesn't mention about the cotisation. If I understand correctly I will be paying anything between 400/600 euros a month even if I am not earning a cent. That seems a bit steep. Can I claim anything back or an adjustment be made at the end of the year when my first accounts are ready?   Incidentally when we finally arrive, my partner will be 65 and I have worked long enough so that I qualify for the full UK pension already without paying any more in. I also have a personal pension plan which I can draw on any time after I am 60 (so now, effectively ,if I want)  Will this make any difference? I am surprised, Ernie,  that someone would be allowed to run a fab shop in the middle of a residential developement, it certainly couldn't happen here in the UK. There is obviously a degree of noise with any metalworking business. I thought the best I could hope for was a workshop on the very edge of a village, precisely because of the noise problem, even though I don't intend to work excessive hours and rarely at weekends anyway. Now that I am aware that these things can happen, it may give me more scope in my selection of location, although I do appreciate that it will still be down to the Maire as to whether I can do it or not. Of course I should have realised that the French do things very differently to us. As for making a huge profit, that does not worry me. I love doing what I do and I will be just pleased if  I can pay my way. At least I will have my workshop to do anything I want for myself. Thanks again guys....Frank  
  4. Hi Miszter, Thanks for the quick reply. I think we will just need to be more careful and observant with Mac when he's been out rolling. With him being a long haired dog I think we will need to make sure his hair doesn't get too long before being clipped.  Our vet did mention Advantix when we took Mac in last week as being better for ticks than Frontline  As a matter of interest, how long have you been in Limousin and what breeds are your dogs? It does seem from reading other posts that short haired dogs don't seem to attract the ticks so much. Thanks    Frank
  5. Hello all. The research is done, the area is chosen and I am actively investigating what is required for self employment in France. I have contacted agents in Limousin about my requirements and it is now just a matter of visiting and choosing the right property. Mac, our west highland white, has been chipped and has an appointment with the vet next week to start on his long journey to get a passport. Everything is going well ............except................................ ..................When we enquired at the vets about the passport we were given a folder with lots of information in it. It does seem from this information that rabies is the least of our worries. This can be vaccinated against but there are much worse things out there that Mac could suffer from as the result of blood sucking mites and ticks which cannot be vaccinated against.. Mac loves rolling and stretching in short grass and investigating new smells in the longer grass, an ideal scenario for blood sucking lodgers to tag on to him. He is regularly treated with Frontline here and has never had a problem. Whether that is because the treatment is working or the fact that there are not many ticks about we cannot tell. At least if he did have a lodger we could remove it and even if we missed it, it would not be life threatening. Unlike the heartworm and sand mite parasites in France, to name just two. What we need to know is what experience others have had with dogs brought from the UK or those obtained in France. How dangerous are these various parasites and is there any way to avoid them? If not, how effective is any treatment? This is very important to us, Mac is very special and we would hate to put him in any sort of danger. He is so important that if the risk was too great then it may put a halt to our French dream. All you pet lovers out there will know how we feel. Any information or first hand experience would be greatly appreciated Many thanks     Frank    
  6. Hello Everyone, For the last 30 years I have been running my own, one man, sub contract engineering company here in the UK. Although my turnover is well below the requirements for VAT registration, I have chosen to be registered as my main customers are local businesses who, themselves, are registered.. I do anything from drilling a few holes to manufacturing large frameworks and everything in between as well as making gates/railings etc. for personal customers. As soon as the right property becomes available in the Limousin region I will be loading all my gear onto a lorry and relocating to France. I know that there are many books out there regarding running a business in France and I am sure that someone could recommend a good one. I just wonder whether this would be of any use to me. I do know how to run the business and to make sure all my paperwork and filing systems are up to scratch and to make sure that due taxes are paid at the right time. What I really need is a guide (preferably in English) as to the current regulations and requirements regarding setting up and running a one man business in France, together with any ongoing costs, taxes and liabilities. However, there is no substitute for personal experience and I am seeking advice from all of you who have gone down this road as to what to look out for and what pitfalls to avoid.  I notice that most of the businesses here are relating to builders, electricians, plumbers, joiners/carpenters etc who, obviously, work on customers premises. My business will be workshop/factory based but I assume the same rules apply. I do appreciate it is not as simple as just transporting my equipment to France and just starting up where I left off.  I will obviously need to make sure I am allowed to do what I want to do in the location I want to be. Is this decision made locally or are there certain procedures I need to follow to get permission?If  "planning permission" is required then how long would this take? Will there be any up front fees to pay and how will my initial taxe bills be calculated? Are there any incentives either locally or nationally for setting up a business? I know the sytem in France is quite different to that in the UK but I need to know how different. I realise my work load will be much diminished when I make the move and be almost non existent initially, but that doesn't bother me as it is my intention, now I have passed my 60th birthday, to start slowing down anyway. There must be other people in France doing what I intend to do but I have not found any yet, certainly, there don't appear to be any on the Anglo/French websites such as French property news.  What do you do if you have any steelwork requirements and would the service I can offer be of any use? Do you  use a native French business or are there other UK business offering the same type of service?  That would be interesting to know. Sorry this has been a bit long winded but I hope lots of you can give me constructive advice, even if it's only to say "don't do it". Thanks all.... Frank    
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