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  1. Thank you everyone, especially my English Rose :x

    She's had a tough few months so I'm only doing what she deserves. Your song was very appropriate Twinks, poor old John, 70 today too.


    had a lovely day today and she took me to see the opera tonight, a very

    rare treat in rural France ! It was the New York Met shown live on a big

    screen, we're not especially opera goers but it was very good. Back

    down to earth tomorrow with the pumpkin fair !

    Here's another for my special lady http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IccNC0XKy5Q

  2. I've just had a call from a friend asking why I haven't replied to her email - hotmail of course. But I did 2 days ago and nothing has bounced. We too are with Orange. Considering I pay them 30€ a month I think it shouldn't be beyond their wit to allow us to send emails to the largest group of email accounts in the world ! Do I really have to get another account and then search the addresses of all my contacts just so I can send to them from the second account !! I think not. In many cases my contacts are just listed by names - I'd have to open their contact record to know if they are with hotmail.

    I'd be interested to know if this is going to be resolved and I will be preparing my best 'disgusted of Tunbridge Wells' response to Orange. [6]

  3. Snap mogs. We too have cats but they are just not like the flea bites I've had before. Mine are red blotches with very small white heads and I'm covered, my OH less so and my son not at all. Neither the cats or the furniture have any sign of fleas and they have just started the last week or so as the weather got cooler. I've ordered some bombs to fumigate to try to eliminate any indoor pests but I'm puzzled by what it can be.

    If the cats have fleas I have always been able to spot them and any bites are usually fairly limited. Reading your post it sounds exactly like me !

    edit: that spray sounds good coops. Think I may place an order too !

  4. How do I know they weren't put out ? Because they instigated the conversations. In the first case we had just gone to collect a bottle of wine we had won in the village raffle and she could just have handed it over with a smile and au revoir. Even politicians are entitled to courtesy (usually). And if they are just 'in it' for political gain then fair play to the OP for playing the same game.

  5. From two recent experiences I have had the maires were interested in growing their communities. One was all over us like a rash when we expressed an interest in moving to the village and putting our son in the local school. Another was interested to learn about our business plans - presumably because we would contribute taxes and maybe bring people in to the village or maybe he was just being polite. In neither case were they at all put out at spending a few minutes of their time chatting, in fact the former phoned an estate agent so we could be shown a house in the village. Courteous exchanges with possible mutual benefits but not exclusively for that.

  6. [quote user="NormanH"]

    Exactly! Business is about profiting from others.

    That is a perversion of 'common courtesy and politeness' ...


    Maybe in many Marxist states but in our civilised capitalist society I think the two often go hand in hand. Presumably if you have ever worked you were happy to take your weekly wage ? and still be polite and courteous at your job interview ? Or am I expecting too much ? All the OP was doing was being polite in enquiring if the maire could assist them in earning a living whilst their business could possibly contribute to the local economy.

    Maybe the concept is too middle class.[Www]

  7. What are the odds of the Mods deleting this insulting post as they did previous ones pointing out the rudeness of this regular poster. Obviously common courtesy and politeness is sneered at by you Norman but to some it is still an important ritual. It's called networking by many and forms the basis of many business exchanges.

    And who mentioned meeting the maire of a town of 100 000 ? The OP said a town of 5 000 !

  8. I was in UK for Fathers Day this year and OH arranged for my son to design a card online with Moonpig for me. It was fantastic and he was very excited about it. It was sent in plenty of time but he was disappointed when it hadn't arrived on the day. In fact it was a couple of days late [:(]. They won't get more than one more chance from me after that.

  9. I think two points are relevant here. Firstly none of this would be necessary if there was an ethos of value for money in public service organisations. In my view the previous lot were the worst offenders. The waste and profligacy I have seen from local government organisations beggars belief. New Labour encouraged the belief that amount of money spent = amount of benefit to taxpayers. What a load of tosh. The best outcome of this 'global' (i.e. not my fault) economic recession visited on the UK by Gordon is that finally public spending will be put to the sword.

    The second point is that the coalition have clearly said that decisions about the cuts will be mainly made at a local level. If these cuts have been made it is very much down to local decisions. The fact is cuts need to be made. Schemes that were 'essential' six months ago can now be managed without. If local electors don't like the decisions then make that known at local level.

    All I can say is don't blame the surgeon who removes your liver because you spent 13 years on the juice.

  10. Blimey, someone should have a quiet word in their shell-like, the French government could save a fortune. They should know there are actually some French people in the Dordogne who also underdeclare their income ! I know you can't believe it but it's true. Now take all the suspected French dodgers out of the system and voila, no more deficit problem. [Www]

  11. I did exactly this a couple of years ago after our HDD failed. We now rarely use more than 50% of it even with my son saving loads of films. I bought mine from an eBay seller who specialised in the upgrade and supplied instructions. it was very simple and we've had no trouble since (I'll wish I hadn't said that now !). We have a 250Gb HDD and it cost about £70 from UK.

  12. [quote user="just john "]

    ''In a fully proportionate system, by my calculation, the Lib Dems would now have 150 MPs, instead of 57, UKIP 20, BNP 11, and the Green Party 6.

    Arithmetic like this would make sure that the UK was forever ruled by coalition governments, in which the Prime Minister comes from one of the two main parties, as before, but with the difference that the Lib Dems would always be in office, no matter what. And on the opposition benches there would be a merry score of eccentrics led by Nigel Farage, and a dozen or so hard rock racists led by Nick Griffin.

    Some people should beware of getting what they wish for''


    Isn't this what democracy is meant to be ? Just because you don't like these parties why should the hundreds of thousands who vote for them get no representation ? And why should there forever be coalitions ? If one party can propose an overwhelmingly attractive manifesto then they should get 50%+ of the votes. Bring it on I say and I suspect a lot of people who feel safe voting for a minor party as a protest won't do so under PR - they can actually vote for who they like for once.

  13. [quote user="Quillan"]If your with Orange just get a LiveBox from them, 3 Euros per month, after a year its free and its theirs so there is no warranty problems if things go wrong.[/quote]

    Just noticed this comment Quillan. Is that right that it's free after a year ? We've been with them for 2 years now and are still paying the 3 euros. If it's right I'll give them a chase.

  14. mmm... so you can't be proved wrong just yet then. How convenient !

    I'm sure many years ago there were those saying how these new fangled motor vehicles wouldn't be around for long and there would never be a service station in every town. It's the future, airports will keep expanding and prices stay low as the Ryanair model spreads.

    Of course routes will come and go, even airports. But that's not the same as evidence from a few off the wall blogs that Bergerac airport is going to close. The new terminal at Bordeaux and even Brive airport will just be a bit of extra capacity - perhaps even the French regulators will cave in and allow some low cost competition from these places.

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