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  1. I intend to register a 1990 Ducati sometime next year. That numberplate will take about 10mph off the top speed as well as nearly obscuring the indicators.

    Only the French !!!!

  2. We live in 24700 and were told we were code red (you can make a cup of coffee on Sunday only) etc. We also searched for information on the Dordogne prefecture web site although there was nothing that leapt out at us, which we might have expected. My wife visited the Mairie and they said there was no problem watering plants etc. Now we are slightly confused, although the Mairie should know. However I would like to find a source of information that updates any changes so that we can stay on the right side of the rules.

    Also is there a difference in using tap water or using the water from our well ?

  3. I also live in the Dordogne and it is an excellent starting point for motorcycling, but then everywhere is really.

    1.What do I ride now?

    1998 Honda VFR800, owned from new and it is a superb bike for touring and even track days. In the 13 years I have owned it I have only replaced the battery once. All the light bulbs are original. It would be top of my what is your most reliable bike category and also the best bike I have ever owned..

    I also ride on nice days

    a 1974 Triumph Trident T150V

    a 1960 Velocette Venom (the one with the chromed tank)

    a 1949 Sunbeam S8

    a 1990 Ducati 906 Paso (not strictly ridden as it is still on the workbench awaiting its maiden voyage).


    2. What do you think was the best bike you have owned?

    See 1


    3. What was the most disappointing bike ever owned?

    A 600cc single cylinder Panther, fitted with sidecar. This had brakes that encouraged forward planning !


    4. What would be the new bike of my choice?

    I really dislike the way Honda have gone with the VFR so it would either be a BMW boxer twin or one of the touring Triumphs. This is all hypothetical as her indoors will not allow me any more garage room !


    5. Which is the bike I regret not owning?

    A, BSA Gold Star, a Laverda Jota, a Vincent Black Shadow (or any of the V twins), a Velocette Thruzton ................


    6. Most memorable biking experience?

    A superb twisty road between Spain and Portugal, with nothing else on the road and the sun shining. It was tempting to buy a house there and a Ducati 746 and spend the rest of my life on that road.


    7. Previously owned.

    As above +

    Honda CB250

    Honda CB750

    Triumph 21 (350cc)

    Triumph 6T (Bonneville specs)

  4. Giscard


    Good old yellow pages ! Thanks its well worth a look.

  5. Giscard


    Thanks for the advice. I have been watching for new swimming pools going in, but the Mairie may have the finger on the pulse as to who is planning garden excavations.

  6. Giscard


    Does anyone know the best place to get soil for the garden. It does not have to be great quality as I need it to fill up the remnants of a duck pond. In the UK I would know where to go but I am not sure where to try in France. I am probably looking at a reasonable size trailer load. We are in Dept 24.

  7. Thanks for all the suggestions everyone.

    I spoke with the helpful people at BMI. They said they would not get involved in a dispute unless the other drivers insurance company had refused to respond. In my case they apparently did but would not entertain the claim through lack of evidence. She did give me the name of the UK agent for the other drivers French insurance company. They checked their records and said that my insurance company had not gone through them but must have approached the French insurance company directly or via a subsidiary company. They asked me to send them all the information and they would re-submit the claim.

    However - the lady at the BMI said that the French Insurance companies will not entertain a claim unless the agreed statement of facts has been filled in - ie Gallic shrug and non! She also was sceptical about the use of the UK small claims procedure unless we had had an accident abroad with a British car, not a foreign one. She thought that previous rulings had been overturned and that it was not possible to try to claim losses through the UK system.

  8. Have a look at this bike. It is a Gunbus 410, which has a 410 cubic inch motor.

    Probably best attached to a sidecar as I doubt it would be much fun commuting.



    Where can I get one !

  9. Thanks for all the input. I think on balance Sunday Drivers approach makes a lot of sense. I have checked with the DVLA and they confirm this is the way to go. Apologies that this subject has been done to death on the forum but as a new member it is difficult to know what has gone before and to search out all the relevant information, especially as that nice Mr Sarkozy could have recently changed things.

  10. Sometime next year I have to make the decision whether to bring my 3 classic British bikes to France, aged from 1949 to 1974. It would then be unlikely that they would return to the UK for several years.

    The problem I have is that they have the original UK registration numbers, which is as important as having the engine and frame matching the original documents. Indeed one of these bikes I obtained as a basket case and was able to trace and claim the original UK number from a faded numberplate.

    Is there any way that I can ride these legally in France without changing the registration and would anyone insure them anyway.

  11. Does the light switch have to be the same as in the UK ie a cord pull switch or is a wall mounted flush switch acceptable under French regulations. I would like to get it right at this stage as I notice that when selling a house now an electricity survey is required.
  12. Searched the web and found a found a site for old bike lovers "la vie de la moto" . There is also apparently a bi-monthly magazine dedicated to riding old bikes in France.

    On the website there are apparently 3 "meetings" in the Dordogne this weekend, at Verteillac, Fossemagne and Vézac. Check out the link, if it works or go to the www.lva-moto.fr site and search for details.


  13. I presume that's the new quickly detachable rear wheel.

  14. Bob

    What is the content/scope of the blog (http://bikesindordogne.blogspot.com/). I tried to access it but it was invitees only.

  15. Does anyone know of any classic bike clubs or ride outs in the Dordogne (24) or the Gironde (33).

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