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  1. Thanks again everyone All views are appreciated, they have given me direct experience from persons who have travelled the route/s and that is invaluable. I am pushing myself towards the St Malo-Limoge (general area) route. Best Regards quintain
  2. Thanks everyone; you certainly appear to be an excellent forum. Michelin is marvellous; it is now a tool I will use. It gives me 5hrs from Cherbourg and 3hrs from St Malo. Now I will start researching ferry availability but I expect to use either/both of those routes, my long-long-time ago memory tells me the St Malo was an infrequent service. I will put my 'naive' questions into other parts of the forum until I build up my information (getting the little & very slow grey cells working). Thanks again Quintain
  3.  Hello This is my first post in the forum and hopefully I have put my question in the correct place. I wish to consider buying in France but as it has ben almost 20years since our last visit and I am v. rusty. From the French Northern ports of Calais, Cherbourg etc what today is considered a days drivable distance. My wife and I always liked the  Atlantic coast La Rochelle and inland towards Limoge is this a comfortable drive in a single day. How far without doing a "Strirling Moss' (which sort of gives my era/age) could I consider travelling. We wish to consider car only journeys rather than flying. Your answers will assist my wife and me in deciding where to purchase. Best Regards quintain
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