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  1. does anyone know of any "good" cricket players (bowlers and batsmen) who would like to play in a cricket match at Damazan cricket ground in September?  Please contact me if you know of anyone who might like to play together with contact details.  Many thanks.
  2. Hi teapot Thanks for that. As you intimated we only have one pipe with 3 skimmers attached to it. Therefore we can only blow through one pipe.  We have tried everything else apart from trying to blow air up the skimmer line.  Does that mean we have to disconnect the main pipe from the filter, close the main drain inlet, leave the skimmer valve open and then close 2 out of the 3 skimmers and check to see if any air comes out of the open skimmer port and then repeat if required for each skimmer?
  3. Thanks to all who helped us to try and sort out skimmer problems but unfortunately nothing worked.  We now need an "expert"and wonder if anyone can suggest someone who lives in the 47 area who is a Professional and knows everything there is to know about pools and CAN SPEAK GOOD ENGLISH.  We have asked so many people about the problems we are having and still no joy so we feel we have to try an expert.  Many thanks and I look forward to hearing from anyone that can help. 
  4. Hello teapot Thanks for advice but "YES" I have done all of what you suggested!!!!! Unlike most pools, wrongly I believe, our pool has 3 skimmers on one line from the pump.  We now have a situation where the skimmer line does not seem to be functioning and there is no water movement in the skimmer units. I think the skimmer line is full of air.. Can anyone suggest how to a) bleed the air out of the skimmer line or b) offer any other solutions to the problem
  5. We are returning to the UK for Christmas to be with family and wondered if anyone knew of anyone who had a house that they wanted "House sitting" for up to a month in the Thames Valley area.  Preferrably with 3 bedrooms minimum and within easy access to the M4 and M40.  We are a semi-retired couple with no children, no pets and do not smoke. Also we are looking to do a house exchange with our house here in France between January and March 2010 and would like to go to Florida, New Zealand or somewhere warm. Any help on the above would be much appreciated.
  6. Hi John   Well yes the pump is working fine (new pump) and we have tried turning the bottom return off and I am afraid the skimmers still do not work.  We are convinced there is a blockage in the skimmers and now wondering how we are going to find it.  Oour pool room is quite a long way from the pool itself which does not help matters.  Any more suggestions would be appreciated. Many thanks
  7. Unlike most pools, wrongly I believe, our pool has 3 skimmers on one line from the pump.  We now have a situation where the skimmer line does not seem to be functioning and there is no water movement in the skimmer units.   I think the skimmer line is full of air.. Can anyone suggest how to a) bleed the air out of the skimmer line or b) offer any other solutions to the problem?   Many thanks.
  8. Not sure if I am "in" the right topic but if there is anyone out there who knows of someone who wants to do some gardening work, then please e-mail me.  Thanks. 
  9. can anyone recommend a good french motor insurance company?????
  10. Thanks for that - perhaps you can send me a PM and I will expand...
  11. Can anyone tell me if there is a demand for competent english secretaries here in the Lot et Garonne area working from home on a part-time basis? I look forward to hearing from anybody on this. Thank you.
  12. Yes I would move back to the UK, but only if the country sorted itself out!  As anyone would agree, the congestion, the noise, the crime, the depressing weather went  someway in convincing us to move away. However, be prepared for a complete change of life.  If you have been working and are coming out here to retire, then make sure you find some interests.  You have 2 young children so integration will be relatively easy for you.  Family and friends back home play an important part in my life and I thank god for having e-mail access!!!  Cost of living here is expensive, believe me.  The UK seems cheap or certainly did when I was back home a few weeks ago. We have been fortunate to meet some lovely people here, and there is very much a feeling of "if you need anything, then give us a call"  It's very comforting. Come out here and give it a go.  Have a positive attitude and treat the move as an adventure and I am sure you will settle very quicky and easily.  Good luck!
  13. Having picked ourselves up off the floor after having received a quote from a local tradesmen to re-do our drive, I am on here searching for somebody who may have had a new drive laid in our area recently and perhaps be able to give us some advice as to what material you used and how quickly and cheaply did you get it done. We live on a hill and everytime it rains hard here, the driveway (what's left of it!) decides to leave home and runs away down the hill!!!!!!!!!!!  If there is anyone out there who would like to give some advice or indeed knows of anyone out there who could perhaps come and visit, then please let me know.  If you were to give me your e-mail address, then we can continue to correspond. Thanks in anticipation!
  14. Does anyone have any knowledge of planning laws in France?  There is a piece of land about 600 yds in front of us and slightly to the left which we understood to be agricultural land, when we bought our house a few months ago.  We have an uninterrupted glorious view, which is one of the reasons we bough the house.  However, a "Terrain a Vendre" sign has just gone up and we have got hold of a plan of the field in question and 2 building plots have been allocated which if permission is granted for 2 houses, then this will completely ruin our view.  Can we object? Do we see the local mairie? Any advice/help/comments would be most helpful.
  15. Thanks so much for this - most helpful. We are not Fench resident as our home here is our second home.  We have property in the UK and will spend 6 months here in France.
  16. This is our second home. We have property in the UK
  17. Thanks for that.  We actually have a Tontine clause in place on the house but I guess we must see a lawyer to sort out the rest of our assets here in France.   Thanks again.
  18. We have recently moved to France but still retain UK residency.  We have our UK Wills in place.  Do we have to make a French will as well? Advice gratefully received. Thanks
  19. Many thanks for that.  Excuse my ignorance, but what or where do I find the "sticky"?
  20. We recently purchased a house with an existing pool it is approx 11m x 5m has three skimmers but only one pipe back the pump plus a pipe for the main drain.There is the usual sand filter. The problem is  that when I put the pump for filtering on automatic its fine until it shuts down then it seems to draw air in and won't start again properly until it is primed manually . This a real problem for me as we need to be able to leave the pool for a few days to two weeks at a time now and again and obvioulsly would like to leave the filtering o auto. Can anybody suggest how to cure he problem ???
  21. This may be an old question but I am hoping to register my 4 year old Toyota here in France.  How do I go about doing this and what are the costs?  This will lead onto car insurance here.  Any help would be greatly appreciated on both counts. Many thanks
  22. Can anyone give me the name of an electric gate company in the villeneuve area please?  Thanks
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