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  1. I'm looking for a restoration project ... an old citroen or peugeot 1930/40/50 ish and thought the best place to begin my search would be clubs in my area (Rochechouart) - does anyone know of any please? Thanks.
  2. Thanks for that, I'll do the necessary should I decide to go ahead.
  3. I'm toying with the idea of opening one room, en suite for bed & breakfast in my large house. I don't want to do it all year round, this is just a way of meeting people and friends and family that we have worldwide are already asking me if I can do it for their colleagues who are coming on vacation. Do I have to register? How much tax will I have to pay?  I receive a pension from UK at present. Any advice would be welcome although I'd like to point out that I'm not trying to fiddle the system and not even sure if it would be worth the hassle although I love meeting people and ran a successful B & B in UK some years ago - so I do know about the hard work!
  4. I'm peri-menopausal too (I'm 46) and can wake up absolutely fine one day and the next have no energy at all and feel grumpy with everyone. My worst problem is not being able to sleep  as that makes me irritable.  I'm avoiding HRT and going for supplements that contain SOY and plenty of B vitamins as that works for me.  I also take KALMS for a couple of weeks throughout the month... I find that mid cycle is my worst time when I seem to have terrible PMT! The best way I get through all the horrible symptoms is to accept that if I'm feeling bad it is because of my hormones - not the other half, the kids, animals, house renovations, decorating, writers block etc etc!   My best advice would be to explain to everyone close to you how you feel and just let them know when you're having an off day so they leave you alone.  Accept that the way you feel is just your hormones going on the rampage and if you feel like having a day off then do... the work will still be there tomorrow!
  5. Many thanks for that, another hurdle jumped!!
  6. Just a long shot... our 9 year old Springer Spaniel needs her nails clipping & hubby & I are reluctant to do it in case we cut too far down - she used to have the full works done in UK (Cut, Blow Dry & nail trim etc) twice a year but haven't found anyone here as yet.  Does anyone know a good vet or dog clipper in the Rochechouart area please? Thanks.
  7. Hi, thanks for that.  I turned it off and it re-set itself when turned back on.  The phone makes a funny dialling tone and I can dial out (sometimes) but not answer any calls!  The internet still works ok though!!!!
  8. Hi, thanks for that.  Yes I regularly pick up my daughter at Limoges airport so that was probably me - creamy yellow body with a black top!!!
  9. Hi thanks, for that.  I have run a diagnostic check on the livebox and it tells me there is a problem with the synchronisation with the livebox - any ideas please?
  10. Hi, I have a replica Jaguar XK140 that I built, had SVA'd and registered in UK (last year)  and now have it with me here in France permanently.  I want to register all my vehicles a.s.a.p and have been advised by an English friend that it may be easier to keep the Jaguar British because of the paperwork involved with a kit car.  I'd obviously like it to become French, especially with the problem of insuring it and wonder if anyone has any thoughts on this? Also, are there any Jaguar clubs in the region (we live near Rochechuart) or anyone who has an interest in building the classics?
  11. Hi, thanks for the replies.  I've checked my telephone and it is internet enabled - would yu think I have to go through the installation again with the CD Rom? I telephoned the Orange English speaking helpline as they speak more slowly and my French is not fluent - they said that I definately would not have beencharged for my calls if I was plugged into the livebox and she did upgrade me from 1meg to 2megs free of charge whilst I was on the phone which wa a bonus.    
  12. HELP! we have an Orange Livebox which works well but just realized that we have plugged our phone into the FT socket in wall instead of through Livebox and consequently we now have been charged for every call (over €300!) instead of €39.90 monthly contract. Orange tell us not to plug in phone through Livebox but when we do that the phones don't work (but the internet does). -any ideas would be most welcome.
  13. thanks i found a kind of button and i pressed it and now it accepts the code, but  it keeps saying that there is an error connecting to it. do you have any ideas??
  14. Hi, I've just received my Livebox and connected to my PC  (fingers crossed) it works like a dream.  Unfortunately No1 Son can't connect his MAC by wireless without a WEP password.  We have a WEP password which when entered does not work - the message we receive is 'the selected network uses an acess control list to restrict access and this computer is not on the list.  See the administrator for acess'. We have been told to press No 1 on the Livebox (where is that?? ... it doesn't appear to be on ours!) Any ideas please? Many thanks
  15. Re: Weather - After living for many years in the middle of the North Yorks Moors where - at the moment it is sleeting/gale force winds and freezing cold the low temperatures of the Charente sound idyllic.  As for the sun - what is that???? We are going with a positive attitude, maybe those of you who are having better weather than the Uk get a little complacent.
  16. Hi Goldfish, We move to Limousin/Charente border next week so I sit here surrounded by boxes.  My advice so far would be to spend as much time as you can in the area you think you want to live in, take full advantage of cheap flights and keep visiting at all times of the year. We only really looked in the Charente area - the people are so friendly and help us out with our poor French, new neighbours and friends have already promised to teach us (if we help them with their English!) although we are going to book a tutor on a twice weekly basis.  I've bought a translating package for the computor to help with letters and official documents and you will find that most businesses; banks, telephone etc have an English speaking line. If you have friends/family still in UK make sure you pick an area which is accessible - that way you won't feel so far away. We spent a year going through absolutely everything... healthcare, education, taxation etc etc, and it helps to speak to professionals who can guide you through the minefield of paperwork without making a drama of it all.  It does help to buy the magazines and this forum is invaluable for all questions that may pop up - it helps to see that other people have the same problems. As for the children - our 15 yr old is to attend  the local college & there are other English speaking kids although his French is good (better than mine anyway).  He is excited about the move and can't wait to make new friends which is really important as I don't think we could have considered it at this time if he wasn't keen, there's nothing worse than a reluctant teenager.  We have travelled a great deal though and he loves the Continental way of life and makes friends easily - I have very few worries about him ... just so long as it doesn't take too long to connect to broadband!!!!!   Our daughter is at university in UK and will travel home on cheap flights - she wishes we had done this years ago. As for the pets, we have cats & dogs - look carefully at the regulations for pet passports and get them as soon as you can (don't know about the owl but I'm sure there must be a way of transporting him). You will have many sleepless nights and some of your friends will think you are mad at leaving UK - they are probably only jealous! You'll know if it is right for you though and when you find your perfect house things will all fall into place - I'm glad we are doing this as I know we would have regretted not even trying (and the weather is better!) - Good luck.  
  17. Thanks for all replies - I'll try first thing in the morning and hope I get lucky!!
  18. Help...  I've mislaid France telecom's English speaking helpline.  I want to organise connection of new line and broadband for next week (!!!!!!), well the appointment anyway and hopefully it won't be too long before I'm online. Thanks.
  19. Thanks for all replies.  I usually fly Stansted when in UK so it looks like this is my best option, although Limoges to Southampton and Southampton to Salzburg looks good.  
  20. I've only just seen your post - hence my late reply... we are moving to village near Rochechuart next week & I'm under 50 and my son is 15.  Husband a young over 50 (does he count??!!)
  21. Does anyone know of a quick way to get from Haute Vienne (Limoges/Potiers/Angouleme/La Rochelle) to Salzburg in March please?  Don't mind how we do it - just as long as we do!! Cheers.
  22. Thanks for all advice - I think we'll take all equipment with us from this end and sort through it in France to see what will work.  
  23. Thanks for that - we will be getting them tested in France - just in case we need to take them back to the UK.
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