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  1. Thanks Le Bon Coin has..lots of other useful stuff too!
  2. [quote user="AnOther"]As Housesitters already has a serviceable Sky box and what would seem to be perfectly usable dish which simply needs realigning to Astra 2 why would he/she want to buy a new system [blink] Dishpointer.com will assist in alignment. [/quote] Hi. The existing dish on the roof is aligned for the owners, which they told me was ASTRA 2. However, it looks like it's ASTRA 1. However, we don't wish to disturb their Dish. We will most probably put a dish in the garden on a sturdy pole which means we can leave their property intact when we leave. LOVE the green dot link..actually helped me determine which way the existing dish was pointed. Isn't technology superb at times?
  3. [quote user="Fridgeman"]Dear All I posted my little write-up on setting up a system for that reason "how to set up a system" I think people are intellegent enough to take the information they need from my post and use it. Now I remember why I stopped posting on here, trying to help people with correct information.[/quote] Hi Fridgeman.. I appreciated your info and instructions, Please don't stop posting good stuff such as yours. Very informative and valuable Thanks again.
  4. Some great info there. Thanks and will look for the systems you recommend. Good instructions too...cheers!
  5. That's exactly what we have been doing for people Stan. Living in a house whilst the owners return to the UK, go on holiday or in one case visit a dying relative. In some cases we have been asked to feed the dogs/cats/horses and even African Snails. Unfortunately the snails (named Nigel & Nippy!) died after only 3 days under our care. That's another story! Sometimes, if the stay is longer than a couple of weeks, the owners have also asked if we mind cutting the grass, etc. No payment has ever changed hands by ourselves or the owners and we certainly don't consider it slavery. LOL Now we are friends with the owners, they ask us back over and over again. The only thing I can spot with the recent previous links that have been posted, are that the people concerned were from outside the EU.
  6. Hi....Thanks for the link. The snails we have are a LOT smaller than those. Looks like our blue pellets are working too!
  7. Thanks for the links Idun. I have read them both and see no similarities to what we are and have been doing. In fact, both articles (one of which refers to Francs and not Euros!) seems to be about people working "on the black" and bucking the system. Both of which are not recommended or advised. I sincerely hope you are not implying we are doing anything of the sort! Perhaps a read of the Living France article from 2 years (ish) ago encouraging Housesitting as a good way to see France might enlighten you? To think we come here to get away from this sort of stuff. LOL Quel dommage encore.
  8. Hi Tony. Thanks for your reply. I have looked morguettes up on the Internet and they seem a little too big, unless they grow into that size. However, I willl keep an eye out for the packets you mention and see if it helps. Failing that I will take one of the little blighters into the shop and see what they say. Thanks again. Regards
  9. Hi... Have read the links and it seems aimed at Wwoofers. Not sure if that includes us. Main thing seems to be making sure you are insured, etc. Must add that Living France did an article on Housesitting in France about a year back (maybe more as my memory is failing!) and I don't remember any serious issues raised then. In fact it was a positive article. They also printed one of my pictures near the time showing one of our housesits. Lastly, having been members and contributors to this Forum for several years (in different guises) I am surprised at the apparent "negative" reaction shown by some here for what is quite an innocent, helpful and obviously needy service which is all above board with no alternative fraud or getting around any laws (UK or otherwise) agenda. I think our past acquaintances, who have invariably become our friends, have all been very grateful for our help. Quel dommage!
  10. Hi all... Not sure where all this is coming from. Let me answer the 1st point. What happens if someone gets hurt? I have visited French hospitals twice in the past 2 years. Once for a cut foot and it required 5 stitches and an injection. Cost to me €77. My last visit was 4 weeks ago when I collapsed. Spent 5 hours in Urgence being checked out. We are still waiting for the facture. We both have travel insurance and an EHIC. Car is insured/taxed and MOT'd in the UK, all above board. Last time I was stopped by the Gendarmes...nothing was confiscated. My tax accountant tells me my Tax situation is all above board too. Still not sure what we are doing which is illegal, but always willing to learn. Can someone elighten me/us what we are doing that is wrong/illegal and why? Might be wrong here, but there seems to be a lot of hostility when all we are doing is having an extended holiday in exchange for turning the lights on and off in someone elses house for a few weeks? LOL
  11. Hmmmm. an interesting take on this. We have never considered looking after someones house, gite business, chateau, farm in return for a bit of gardening, feeding the animals and putting a lick of paint on the shutters as illegal. But hey...maybe you are right? In the meantime, life is zooming past and we will cross that bridge should it arise. Thanks for your reply.
  12. Thanks Tim & Martin for your replies. The previous occupants were French and had some sort of decoder they plugged in to which they use in Paris. Don't know if it was a Satellite ot Terrestial decoder. However, we received some "junk mail" for them recently which suggests they subscribe to CanalSat. That fits in with your explanations. Looks like a re-alignement may be required? You mention Eurobird? Is this in the same "box" in the sky as Astra? Sorry to be a novice at this... and thanks again. Appreciated.
  13. We have done this sort of thing several times over several years. Never been a problem...so far.
  14. Hi..looking for a ride on lawn mower to cut a grass area of about 1000m2 up to 1000€ in the Var (83) region. Any ideas appreciated. Thanks
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