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  1. ive done google map and I can just see the house but thats because its in a hamlet in the middle of knowhere its a blured picture, if it was in a city or big town google will take better pictures, I think google  fly over and take photos every 2 years, my area is between la rochelle and poitiers in france

  2. Why would someone make secret donations to people in political partys, do they get a prize or somthing and why do these MPs except these donations then get sacked when it hits the news, I thought MPs enjoyed there jobs (sorry for posting on here, I dont know any other forums for UK things unless someone can recomend) 

  3. will the pound go up or down against the euro over the next year because I transfer money into my french bank account monthly to pay the french mortgage using currenciesdirect but if the pound is going to go down over the next year im better off  transfering the whole year of money in now so I know where I stand (I would need about 7200 euros)  

  4. IF the pound and the dollar devalues then will the euro devalue to keep things in balance, the goverment rescued n rock because they invested in sub prime but were they the only uk bank to write off lots of money, theres lots of storys about international banks write offs for millions but they still made a profit  so did northern rock buy all the bad debt on the planet, i dont think so and also they get money from people in the uk paying there mortgages into the bank, what would of happened if the goverment said to nrock your on your own
  5. Is it free to sell on ebay, because I thought it was, no one has ever told me you have to pay to advertise an item when they say they have brought and sold and made loads of money on ebay, I wanted to sell my lcd moniter today and it says ive got to pay £1,50 to advertise the item
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