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  1. Hi

    We have found an old house that we are considering buying. It is in the Herault and has vineyards on two sides. Does any one who has bought a house in a similar position know of problems / drawbacks of being this close, insects etc.
    The house has an attached barn. The whole roof has been replaced. Instead of a wooden structure there are now metal “A” frames and the covering is corrugated asbestos, it appears to be about 20 years old and still water tight. Does removing this type of covering have the same disposal problems as in the UK ? The roof is about 120m2 so I am guessing replacement will cost about 20 000 € but if the asbestos needs special handling this would add considerably. From my experience of asbestos warehouse roof s in the UK, at 20 years they can become very brittle and at the end of their life. Before we get a structural survey has any one any thoughts on this ?

    Many thanks

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