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  1. Hiya,

    The wedding went without a hitch!  The whole process was much easier than anticipated.  We just went to the Mairie, who gave us forms to fill out and told us what documents we needed.  There was nothing out of the ordinary needed and what we needed to get translated we did.  It probably would have been cheaper to do a registry office job in the UK then come back out but we didn't.  It was just the cost of blood tests, translations and acquisition of documents that suprised us.

    Turned up on the day and the whole process took about 20 minutes and that was that!  Great fun!

    We then had the traditional wedding the day after in Couiza and it was everything we could have wished for!

  2. Hi all,

    We're looking for somewhere to buy packing boxes for our move back to the UK but are unsure as to where to go! 

    We've looked online but can't find anyway that delivers boxes at all.

    Does anyone have any recommendations?

    Many thanks.

  3. Hi all,

    We have been looking to buy removal boxes in France but don't know where to look.  Can anyone recommend somewhere online?

    Many thanks.


  4. Hiya,

    We have just been told that it doesn't have to be registered seperately.  As it isn't our main source of income it is added as a sideline business and hasn't cost us any extra to add.

    We have heard differing views but this is how we've done it through French advice and there's been no problem!

  5. Thank you!  Will have a look.

    Not sure about the dual nationality...don't really know how that all works.

    This is our first so it's all an adventure :o)

  6. Hi all,

    I'm due to have a sproglette April/May of next year in France and wanted to know how I go about sorting out a passport for it?  Do I do it through the UK or does it have to be done in France?

    Thanks for the help!


  7. Gemma

    Expiring E106

    Morning all,

    I've just checked my E106 and it is due to expire early January.  What do I need to do to continue receiving my healthcare?  I receive 100% treatment cover for a condition and obviously don't want that interrupted.  Do I need to go back to the CPAM or do they send me out any kind of forms?

    Please help!



  8. Hi all,

    My sister has just bought a house over here with a pool and needs to know about security fencing.  Are there any legal requirements about the type of gate you should have with the fencing?  Do they need to be sprung gates or can you have one that you close manually?

    Also, what is the required distance from the pool to the gate (not sure there is one but said I'd ask).

    Thanks for your help!

  9. Hi,

    I'm resident in France, have just been diagnosed with MS and need to get travel insurance....anyone any recommendations or advice on where to go?


  10. All done!  Certificat de Coutume came in a record few days...posted the cheque Friday and received the paperword Wednesday!  Now we have everything and although it cost more than doing it in the UK it was very simple!

    Thanks for all your help!

  11. That's what I thought.  Had a call this morning saying they cater for B&B's but I'd never heard of them.  On their website it seems to be more for self catering places rather than B&B's.


  12. Hi all,

    Has anyone advertised with Chez-Nous and if so, have you found them to be any good?


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