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  1. Thank you Sunday Driver. I have spoken with the UK office EHC this morning. They could not understand why I as dependant had not already received my application form, they were kindness itself and checked all data, no problem, she said it was as well that I had phoned and will send another application pronto.Should we have not received the cards before we travel at the end of April I must phone the UK office and they will amend records to say we are covered so that if we end up at docs or hospital record will show it is in hand.She said this was being repeated to others in the same position. If I was awaiting an application and had not received for dependant I would certainly get on the phone now. MBK
  2. Because we travel on the 23rd April and our French EHC expires on the 21st April. ( have sent off for UK main one but awaiting application for dependant) and not feeling confident that the UK cards will have arrived I thought I would apply for the French one as it expires in April they can only say No! following another post from last year to try and get access to the site it says error ,can anyone confirm please I am looking in the right place to apply on line, Thank you, I am going to vos service en ligne then was hoping to find the bit for carte european. http://www.ameli.fr/assures/plan-du-site.php
  3. Chatting with a friend who is good at checking prices... she gave me a shock..I had not noticed until she said that .... Cornflakes Kellogs at Auchan €3.25 for 500gms Kellogs Cornflakes 500gms at Tesco on line £1.92. Kellogs All bran Auchan 500gms €3.04 Kellogs all bran 500gms Tesco on line £1.59 A huge difference in price for the same product .Can anyone recommend equivalent to kellogs but not as expensive,please.
  4. I was hoping it would just arrive without a request. Would you advise requesting a form for a dependent. Or perhaps just send off the main one with a request for the other form.? The form for a dependent that you have received is it specific for you with your names already printed?I am wondering if they are freely available in a UK post office,what do u think?MBK
  5. Hubby just received the new application form for EHIC with explaining letter that cards will be issued April and can be used from May1st. He has E121(pensionable age type E121) but I am the dependant therefore will I continue to apply for mine in France? There is no place on the form to add "me" as the dependant. Please, any ideas where mine comes from.MBK
  6. doh! Seriously, for anyone suffering rheumatics this over the counter medicine (recommended by our doc) Urarathone (homoeopathic) is excellent . I thought I had been overdosing on it as regards 1 tablespoon!! after seeing it contained rocket fuel - ethanol !! it was a moment of panic! Looked Ethanol up in Wikipedia ... big mistake! Interesting though Urarthone €8.70 in France (local chemist) one English advert on internet wanted £28.00 for same size of bottle.! MBK
  7. I think as you get older you question yourself even more. !! Reading the medicine bottle it says the measure is 1 tablespoon in water. So a desert spoon is what you eat your puddy with, a tablespoon is the same as a serving spoon. Approx 2 desert spoons equals a tablespoon. Yes? confused.com as ever!
  8. OOp's said with confidence because I read it with confidence (last 2 paragraphs of copyright article-link). I dived straight into the page and failed to notice it was not UK. Quoted with the best of intentions, we cant all be perfect! I am sorry it was not intentional but you have got to admit its made ***** good discussion. http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/513061/understanding_copyrights_frequently_pg2.html?cat=17
  9. 522 interested people for this topic since Chrispp's interesting first post yesterday afternoon, so Albert I don't think I have been the only one not so sure of the copyright situation however simple it might have been. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing so its nice to thrash it out and get things right. Thank you for being so helpful Albert. If my humour offended you I am sorry, as you offended me my insinuating I was racist.
  10. [quote user="Albert the InfoGipsy"]Any comments I make are based on English (dunno about Scottish) practice & law. It looks like nothing significant has changed since my photographer days, so you don't have to apply any sort of copyright mark or label. Consequently any statement you do want to include on a Web site or other publication just needs to get the message across that you own the copyright and that any use elsewhere must only be with your specific approval. The wording is up to you -- there is no 'official' formula. In many cases people are unaware of copyright and will follow the rules if they are made clear. Finally, MBK, would you please not use the term 'Infogypo'? 'Gyppo' is generally used pejoratively and I don't like racists. [/quote] Plonker! no I dont like racism either. Wikipedia=See debut in 2005 with the film Gypo , starring Paul McGann and Pauline McLynn , which won a British Independent Film Award for Best Production. ... Just looked up plonker in Wikipedia..chuckle ,chuckle....no dont' go there it will only make you laugh! I hope!
  11. OK, read it , last question. What wording if any should be taggerd on a picture to put off someone copying ?. Oop's just answered it here very interesting. http://www.copyrightservice.co.uk/copyright/p03_copyright_notices Clearly any rules and regs that are in place for what Chris was referring to simply does not work-hence why people continue to copy other peoples work. We are not talking big time copyright here just the man in the street.. hope Chris does not mind that description!
  12. OK. I have re read, so for eg if I embedded a watermark "copyright" on one of my pictures sitting in google images does that give me copyright protection? But then I ask is the copy mark worth the paper its written on?
  13. Sorry, but I dont understand the comment regarding your link, Albert Are you saying this is a scam? http://www.copyrightservice.co.uk/about/ Oop's hello Sunday Driver . Happy New Year. I think I am being a bit slow here!. I think I follow but I dont see that it contradicts what I had copied from the internet in my previous post!!
  14. Albert the InfoGipsy Go UK copyright registration in google mega loads of info. Sadly your question came after I Clean Sweeped the computer hence my history cache has gone . It looked fairly cheap to register your work.MBK
  15. Chrispp post says- From time to time I find photos and huge chunks of text, (sometimes an entire page) copied onto someone else's web site, forum or blog without having had the common decency to either ask first or give a credit and a back link to our original page / website, never mind the fact that copyright is by default. As a not for profit Association we find this tiresome to say the least. Whether or not any readers of this forum are guilty of this type of behaviour I neither know nor care, but if that should be the case or if as a visitor to this forum you read this, please consider first the implications of such behaviour. Thanks, Chris I have copied only part of an article to be used as news related therefore it appears no breach of copyright has taken place. To make the point that I hope Chrispp has a very deep pocket-Quote Should a copyright infringement take place, registered and non-registered copyrights have different levels of legal protection. A non-registered copyright owner can only claim actual damages due to the infringement, once the creator proves he/she is the original creator of the work, while a registered copyright owner can sue for both actual damages and additional statutory damages for the copyright infringement. Proving ownership and creation date of a work is easier to achieve when the copyright is registered. Should you claim a copyright on a work, and someone comes along and says they were the original creator of the work, if your copyright is registered, the burden of proof of ownership in court falls to the one making the claim against your copyright. Should you claim a copyright on a work and it is not registered, the burden of proof of copyright ownership will usually fall to you.End Quote. Chris , can you really put hand on heart and say beyond doubt all thats on your own site is original work? MKB
  16. Have I understood that only if you have uploaded your pics to Panoramio then they will be found in the Image button on google. I would need to be specific with the tag eg; ships, france , etc so the search finds it... yes?No? Using Picasa web album would that have the same effect with google?Thanks for all replies. I do want some specific pics to be found.
  17. Could someone explain please how do I get some of my images to show on google images. Is it something to do with Picasa ? confused!
  18. Fun and a bet with someone who said that I would not be able to get my head around it. Surprisingly, html is not as difficult to muster as I thought. All boils down to planning,more planning and digging deep on google ..its all there. Just watching "Cowboy Builders" on the TV same rules look as though they apply in UK as well as here. A French business women warned us on arrival only employ people that do NOT ask for money up front as they will have a good credit with all commercial services if they have a good reputation. We stuck to that rule and only employed French when we could not do the job ourselves. MBK
  19. Good morning gardengirls, I might not be posting as much but I am following.... In the throse of building a website!! I am obsessed with it! Fascinating stuff .I can now concentrate now we have our impot bill etc . It's a small world 2 other English folk in the area and 3 French have only just received their Impot as well. I do wonder if they have been checking us all out as research shows that all our surnames start with the same letter bar one which is only one move up the alphabet! spooky or what!!!! vivid imagination , perhaps Thanks for the translation, yes we will pay on the last day of January 2010!
  20. Phew, glad I came across this thread. We were both thinking we were the only ones thinking your thoughts Bugbear! The news this morning was non stop about it. A chap summed up by saying Browns comments were a waste of space as Britain has lost all influence and credibility. Why is it OK by Britain not to condemn Americas States that have the death penalty but go ballistic about China.
  21. Quillan.. we did the same via Ireland,had it shipped to France in 2003 (desktop computer). Bought laptop last year(see my sorry story in other post somewhere!) UK , used transfer procedure on line for support in France. Disaster after 4 attempts of France Dell collecting to fix but unable to do so, only by returning laptop to address in UK and Dell UK fixed it first time . Once bitten and all that. MBK
  22. Did your private mail get fixed? Cos I have just sent you a pm, shout if you dont get it!!Smile smile.MBK
  23. Mr & Mrs Postie, sorry it does not answer why but... I am in the throes of gathering info for friends about installation of wood burners and do's and dont's,chatting this morning with an installer he said a reduction is dangerous , I asked why and the simple explanation was ... its the law and if you go against it your insurance is invalid should there be a claim eg; your house going on fire or a death caused by the fire. That was enough for me.Oh, he was French but spoke excellent English!!
  24. Thanks gardengirl I feel better already. Errrrr, Dragonrouge, are you implying you know something about exchange rate for 2009-2010...only joking!!! honest. Yes, best wishes for 2010 and thanks to everyone who helps answer all these wonderful diverse queries.
  25. Crikey Frenchie thats whats known as a "bit of a bummer". I hope its easy to clean up, but so time consuming. Just think ..it could have been worse.Hope all goes well for you today. Gardengirl I will pm u later. Merry Christmas and a Happy new year to all. Kiss , kiss. (Smilies dont work cos I am in Chrome!) MBK
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