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  1. Thanks everyone for your advice, we think Free.fr is the way to go for us, hopefully our English speaking French friends will help us set it up.

    Regards Eniamor

  2. We are currently with France Telecom and Orange Broadband but are looking for a service that provides both internet and also free calls to the UK, similar to Talk Talk in the UK. Does anyone know of such a service available here in France.

    Many Thanks



  3. Hi, can anyone advise us on the best route to Calais from Creuse avoiding Paris as we always seem to get confused or delayed when we near Paris. Your suggestions would be greatly recieved.

    Thanks very much.


  4. Thanks fot your advice Rupert, We are 54 & 55 so not entitled to E121.
  5. We very much appreciatesome help from those of you in the know.

    We are inactives and have lived in France since June 2006 and rented a place whilst we looked for a propery to buy. We registered with our local CPAM and received our Securite Sociale numbers as well as our Carte Vitales after producing our E106.

    We bought a property in July 2007 and thought that as we are permanent residents that we would automatically be in the CMU system but after a telephone conversation with CPAM today asking for any updates they may have as our E106 expired on Sunday. We were told that an update is expected in March and we were advised to take out private medical cover and that we are not in the CMU and that this does not happen automatically. When asking if we can apply now the answer was no. We have proof of our residancy in the form of utility bills and bank statements to show that we have paid rent but have not yet been received  a tax return. Where can we go for some sound advice, it all seems very uncertain at the moment.


    Regards Eniamor


  6. I don't think the French have thought this through.

    If (and I hope it is not the case) non actives are forced to sell up and move back to the UK, which in itself will not be easy for most of us, the local econemy will suffer greatly. We live in department 23 where our contributions and that of many others, to local businesses such as  tradesmen, Bricolages, Champions, Bakers, Butchers, La Poste and much more will surely be missed. Not to mention all of the estate agents who have made a tidy sum from us Brits. This region was very poor until we boosted the econemy and I am sure a lot of villages and towns will feel this pinch if we depart.

    What happens if we register as unemployed, what benefits will we be entitled to.

    We have been here for 18 months now are loving every minute of it. Would hate something such as this to get in the way of a perfect life.

    Anxious Eniamor

  7. Hi all woodburning experts,

    We are about to move into a large property that has no heating and quite fancy the idea of a woodburning range for cooking, hot water and heating as there is a lovely large fireplace in the kitchen. We have visited Rayburn's website and found one (355SFW) that will probably meet our needs but we would love to find a French equivalent if there is such a thing.

    We would appreciate any information on stockists in Creuse, or nearby, and would love to hear your experiences of woodburning ranges, good or bad.

    Thanks for your help



  8. We are renting a property at the moment while we look for a house to buy. As yet the agents have not come up with our ideal property in the area that we want so, are you selling or do you know of someone that wants to sell a:- Stone detached house of at least 120 sq Mtrs, with large garden. Can be Town, Village or Hamlet in the East of Creuse area. Any help would be much appreciated.



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