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  1. Thanks to everybody for the advice, I have contacted the head office again, see if they are willing to offer some advice on the matter.
  2. Thanks for your responses. When I rented the van it was both dark and raining. There was no damage noted down when I rented it and the person who checked the vehicle did so with a little torch and did not give me an opportunity to look over things myself. So do you think I have an recourse?
  3. Hi, I recently rented a van at night from SuperU. When I returned it next day there was a scratch on it. They claimed I had caused the scratch but I dispute this, but due to me signing a contract they demanded I pay for the repairs. I initially refused but after the threat of police action, I agreed to pay. I have tried to escalate the complaint to the Head Office of SuperU but since they are all independent franchises, they cannot get involved. Any ideas what steps I can take to try and reclaim this money. Thanks in advance Brian
  4. Hi, I have just moved house and took with me my orange decoder and viewing card to my new home. I have Orange TV in my new package, so can I just use the old decoder and viewing card? I have tried and get an error S13 which means I cannot communicate with the Orange server.  Could this be due to the old viewing card being assigned to my old account? Best, Sharkster
  5. Thanks for the correction.  When I first went, I followed directions to pezenes-les-mines but it is actually the wrong way to go!  Although it is their address, they are actually located just outside Levas (a small village off the main road from Clermont to Bedarieux) which goes past Moureze and such.  The couple who run it are very friendly and all the dogs always seem very happy to be there.  One point though is to note their opening hours which are somewhat limited (a couple of hours in the morning and the same again in the afternoon).  They are also closed on Sundays, so you cannot pick up your dog (or cat) until Monday.
  6. I would recommend Elevage De La Rosee Du Soleil in Pezenes-de-mines (not to be confused with Pezenas, this one is located near Bedarieux).  They are recommended by the vet near Netto in Clermont L'Herault and I have used them on numerous occasions over the last few years and my dog love them.  It is spacious individual runs with a kennel in each for shelter.  I think it is 11-12 Euros a night.  They are tough to find first time, but head for Levas and not Pezenes-de-mines and you should be fine.  The man also speaks good English too.  PM me if you want the number or call into the nets near Netto and they should have a leaflet.
  7. Thanks for the tips.  The rain in my area, Herault is generally very dirty and there is often a sandy residue on my car after rain. 
  8. It is not too much dirt, but you have to move very slowly since it is very fine and is easily washed into the water if you are not careful (meaning you can no longer vacuum it up).
  9. There is that option, but it takes about 30 minutes to vacuum up the dirt and that would be a lot of water.  If that is the only way, I will give it a try.  Thanks.
  10. I have an above ground pool with a 1/2 HP pump and filter filled with Zeolite.  The pool clarity is excellent but for some reason I cannot shift some fine dirt from the pool.  After hoovering the dirt, the pool stays clean for a few hours but then the dirt appears in the pool again.  I think the dirt if fine mud or sand particles.  Is there likely a problem with my filter?  It is in its 3rd season with the same Zeolite. Also, when the pressure builds up on the filter due to debris, I can turn off the pump and then turn it on again and the pressure drops back to what it would be when it has just been backwashed.
  11. I am currently with Aviva and they have been fine.  I am interested in a policy that offers more on the dental and vision side however.  I have looked at the Aviva Optique/Dentaire pack as an addition, but was wondering if there was just a better policy that covered detal and vision.
  12. Out of interest, what would you do if a child got serious sunburn whilst swimming in your pool?  I am not sure you can request people not to use sun protection when swimming in your pool.  I agree you could insist on waterproof creams though.
  13. It is odd, since I have been to 1 pool shop, a Mr Bricolage, Castorama, Auchan, HyperU, Carrefour, Intermarche, A garden centre none had any form of unstabilized chlorine except Hyperu and the pool shop who both had granules.  It makes me wonder if using unstabilized chlorine is a mine field and that is why it is less poplular as maintenance chlorine, unless you are using chlorine liquid/javel and a direct dosing system. I did read one forum, where I guy called Chem Geek (I think he may have posted here, his real name might be Richard) and he recommended using unstabilized chlorine for shocking and stabilized for maintenance.
  14. 2.4 would be reasonable.  If you only think a 3ppm increase for every 125g puck I use, I could also live with that. 
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