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  1. We have already called the woman that has Willow but she didn't want Saffron and she said that she would call her friends to see if they wanted a dog but she didn't call back.
  2. Dear Mmaddock , We haven't put up any notices anywhere yet , but we are planning on doing so soon ! We managed to find Saffron's sister Willow a very good home not too far from where we live by putting up a notice in our local vet. Notices for Saffron will be going up very soon ! Thank you for the suggestion ! Molly
  3. Dear WJT , Thank you for your very supporting message! We have up until mid June to find Saffron a suitable home before we leave the Midi Pyrenées , and it is in our gratest interest to find her a new family. We cannot bear the thought of her missing us and being extremely unhappy in a refuge , we would leave here feeling that we let Saffron down. Saffron really is a great family dog , she would make a wonderful pet for a family with or without children. We are really hoping that some kind family who are looking for a dog will contact us soon, for the sooner we get her a new home , the easier it will be for us to move. It is easy to understand why a lot of people might disagree with our desicion to put Saffron down if the worst comes to the worst. We are desperate for someone looking for a dog to come forward ! Molly
  4. Dear Catalpa , Thank you very much for your message . We understand that "a dog is for life  not just for christmas" , but Saffron , as a puppy , was abandoned in a bush along with her sister at the bottom of my garden over a year ago. Saffron is a dog who needs a lot of freedom and space and will not benefit getting as much exercice and fresh air if we move to a house in a street with a very small garden. We want Saffron to be with a family who want to spend a lot of time with her and who have a big garden for her to run around in til her heart's content. We do not want to imprison her in the house all day long ! She has grown up to be an outside dog , not an inside dog who likes to lie on a carpet all day long. We also cannot keep her because we also have another small dog who is being bullied by Saffron because she is jealous of her. We don't want to make her life miserable. We have been planning on moving house for a long time and we will not be able to find a house that satisfies Saffrons needs where we are planning on moving. Saffron is a lovely dog , very loving , and we know that she could be happy with another family who love her back. We are very sad to have to give away Saffron but keeping her has never been a temporary arrangment. We have simply considered keeping her when nobody came forward a few months ago wanting to give her a new home. Molly
  5. Dear Avinalarf , We remember recieving your private message in October , and we did reply but we had some difficulties sending you photographs , maybe that is why you didn't recieve our email ? If you are interested in adopting Saffron we are prepared to deliver her to you or meet you half way .   Saffron has all her vaccinations and a chip .   Molly
  6. Photo of Saffron (not very good I'm afraid) can be found at following link: [IMG]http://i139.photobucket.com/albums/q315/lecharlet/Saffron1.jpg[/IMG]
  7. We would really like to be able to add a photo but we don't know how to !! Please help ! Thanks Molly
  8. Dear All , You might remember us having posted a message about our dog Saffron in October . Having no takers for our lovely dog we decided to bite the bullet and keep her . But unfortunataly we are planning on moving to a smaller house very far away and due to certain complications concerning Saffron , we cannot take her with us. She is a dog who needs a big garden to run around in and we are planning on moving to a smaller house with a much smaller garden. We do not want to change Saffron's current life style and make her unhappy by moving her to a different atmosphere. Unfortunataly , unless we find Saffron a new home before June she will have to be put down as we cannot face taking her to a refuge and making her suffer. We love our dog very much and are very sad that things have come to this , so we are praying that someone who is looking for a very loving and boisterous dog will contact us as soon as possible , for we would leave the Midi-Pyrenées happily knowing that Saffron has found a new home . Saffron is half beagle , half golden labrador , 18 months old , very loving towards children but would also be happy with a couple who have no children as Saffron only seeks love and company. Please contact us if you are interested in adopting Saffron. Molly P.S: Saffron has had all her injections, a chip and has had  her operation
  9. Dear Lorraine Many thanks for your reply. Saffron is very good with children, especially with our 2 year old who at times can be particulary boisterous with her. She tends to be a little timid with strangers until she knows them. There does not appear to be any problem with other dogs, although she does get a little jealous if our other dog gets a little too much attention at her cost. We cannot comment on how she would interact with horses as she has, to our knowledge, never come into contact with any. We would expect her to very timid and cautious to start off with until she got to know and trust the other animals. We do have a couple of photographs of Saffron (name picked because of her colour) but cannot work out how to attach them to this message! If you want to send us a private email then we will forward these to you. Molly
  10. It is a shame that we have decided to give Saffron away after having her for a year but after several months of indecision we all feel that we cannot make the step to keep her for another twelve years or more. It is too much of a commitment. Unfortunately no one has said yes we can offer her a home so we must now do some research into the welfare options around Toulouse. We feel sad that people are so thoughtless as to dump puppies in the first place but our vet says it is only too common. Molly
  11. Last October, we found two puppies dumped in the ditch at the bottom of our drive. Last Christmas we managed to find a good home for Willow and she continues to thrive. We kept her sister Saffron, who is according to the vet, half golden labrador and half beagle. She has had her operation (no puppies), all her vaccinations, she has a chip and is a very healthy dog. Unfortunately we must now look for a good home for Saffron as we already have a small teckel and the two dogs do not get along. The vet suggested having an inside dog and an outside dog but with winter fast approaching we feel it is unfair to keep Saffron out in the cold (well not too cold we have outbuildings). We therefore wish to give her to a good home. She is loving and very good with children. This has not been an easy decision to make. We live in the Midi-Pyrenées.
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