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  1. Now sending out the newspaper offer (last Friday) to email mailing list subscribers. Early Saturday morning to Caen and back Sunday afternoon now £45 - almost back to the Duty Free era. You can subscribe here: http://www.brittanyferriesmailers.co.uk/subscribe.php or I can forward the email if required - Brittany Ferries invite you to do so which is nice of them!
  2. Yes that is cheaper because of the 2 cabins - one each way. Got confused with the £10 per person which I thought was aech way.
  3. I may be being dull here but this looks exactly the same as the 24 hour offer on the BF website. So why the need for vouchers or password?  Max time allowed in France is actually 29 hours - you need to take the first ferry available after the 24 hours is up. For example Friday night 8.30 Portsmouth - St Malo, Sunday Morning Caen Portsmouth 9.00 with 4 berth cabin out is c£110 and gives a full Saturday in France. Also available is early Saturday ferry out of Portsmouth to Caen and 5.00 Sunday back - quoting £58 for this at present. Should point out that those fares are with Property Owners discount but you don't get the free breakfast.
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