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  1. Thankyou for your reply.

     I am currently receiving Incapacity Benefit from the UK and am not in the French 'system'. Do I need to be to be to receive this benefit? If I do go into the French system, would I, at 58 years of age, qualify as I am receiving less than 8000euros p.a.

  2. Can anyone tell me please, what the 'low income exemption' rate is, to avoid paying Tax d'Habitation?

    I'm a 58 year old, separated woman, on a low income and am unable to work due to incapacity.

  3. We are driving down to Perpignan from Cherbourg beginning of July. Can anyone recommend an interesting route and B&B accommodation, en route? We want to take 3 days to drive down and will be at Cherbourg around lunchtime. Any ideas??
  4. We are planning to move to France in May 2007, to look for a property to buy. We are looking for anything to rent for 6 months (guaranteed, May to November), 1 bed minimum. We can manage with any area within a 30 mile radius of Perpignan. Accommodation is for a retired couple and a 6 year old, well behaved, fully housetrained, small Jack Russell terrier.

    Can anyone help? Email edwinwinslade@hotmail.com

  5. Can anyone help please? We are moving to Perpignan and would like to know if there are any English speaking doctors and dentists in the area??

    We are currently studying French but we are far from competent, so are there French language classes available for ex-pats?

    Finally, are there any, clubs, social contacts etc we could join?? We are late fifties?

    Any information would be gratefully received.

    Edwin & Anneliese

  6. We are looking for a 2 bedroomed property to rent for 6 months from end November 2006, that will accept our small, Jack Russell terrier (male, well behaved and fully house trained). Must be around Perigeaux area. Any offers? Please email on edwinwinslade@hotmail.com Thanks!


  7. We are looking for a 2 bed property to rent for 6 months from end November 2006, that will accept our small Jack Russell terrier.(well behaved and fully house trained). Must be around Perigeaux area! Any offers? Email edwinwinslade@hotmail.com. Thanks!


  8. We are looking for a 2 bed, furnished property to let from end November 2006, that will accept our Jack Russell terrier. (house trained and well behaved). Needs to be around the Perigeaux area. Any offers? Email edwinwinslade@hotmail.com please.


  9. Does anyone know what areas of mid/southern France (from Poitou Charente down) have the least amount of humidity during the year? Thanks.
  10. We are likely to buy in Dept 16 and hope to have or install a swimming pool. Can anyone tell me how much it costs in total APPROXIMATELY, to run it per Month/year. We are thinking about an 8x4mtr size or similar. Thanks!
  11. I am confused!! My wife and I are currently on long term Incapacity Benefit and I retire next year. Currently I also recieve Disability Living Allowance (which I know will not be paid when we move to France).

    Do I/we still need a medical top up insurance? Do companies insure people such as ourselves?

  12. Thank you for that advice, will bear it in mind.
  13. My wife and I are both invalids and are much better when we are in the warmth. We cannot afford to buy in the South of France, but does anyone know other areas we should consider. Very short, cold winters would be OK. Any ideas??
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