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  1. The comments were on other posts that I had put on here to do with finding work in France.   It is not working bed and bored, as that was a last attempt I am off to be a chef/cook again, as I did many years ago so something that I know and can hopefully do well. Anyway it's only a little place but they want someone to take it forward with new stuffies on the menu. I am just surprised that I managed to survive the interview never mind about the 2 day trial. I have never been so terrified in my life. Well thanks to all those that gave some very good advice.
  2. Just to let everyone on here who did help me with advice, thankyou very very much asa I have now managed to get a job. Yipeeeeee.   For all those people who just had nasty comments and unhelpful and sarcastic comments. Go boil your heads, cos I have done it.
  3. hi yall me again!!!! Ok a couple of questions. I have been looking on the net trying to research what grants are available in France to help start up a small business. I know they are available from both the French Government and also from the european union. Although there is informatioon saying they are available I don't seem to be abale to find out how to apply or what the criteria are. I need less than 3000 euros to get started. Secondly If I register as a micro can I eploy one other person and pay them either directly or through the cheque emploi service?   many thanks, but have decided to follow my dream.
  4. so no one knows how to go about getting my HACCP / food hygiene in France, well thats a worry.......
  5. OK just figure out what it is, why is it you realise after the event..... I did this back in England when I trained to be a Burger King manager. Does that count for anything in France?
  6. Ok, How do I go about getting my HACCP, also I would like to know what it exactly is. I currently have my advanced food hygiene from the uk but isn't worth poo here. The reason I ask is that I have decided after 9 or so years out of the trade (worked in an italian Restaurant cum cafe cum deli for 6 of those years as chef/manager) that I want to go back to working in Kitchens and hopefully get a Job or hope that a training opportunity arises. I would love to start a fresh over here. BTW Ifg anyone has a vacancy in the Charente, please let me know so I can apply.   Many thanks Alec
  7. that makes sense and fits in with the words in the book.   many many many many many thanks   Alec
  8. I need help with some homework..... There is a line in the homework book that I am not sure what it means, if someone could help.   S├ępare le radical de la terminaison de chacun des verbes.   if someone could help it would be greatly appreciate.
  9. Hi all, just wandering if anyone had any bales of hay or straw for sale near Aigre (16).   regards   alec
  10. I can cook (worked as a cook/chef in England for many years), I can clean to the point of obsession (I do like a clean and tidy house). Fairly good at DIY, mowing lawns. I spent 6+ years in credit control and working in an office envronment and spent the last 3+ years working for Jarvis rail and Network rail, in workforce safety and investigations. My level of French is ok but not perfect and am learning all the time, I am confident and will try almost anything once.   BTW twinkle it's ok and it was a spelling mistake and don't worry about the flirting I bat for the over side.....lol   Will try the local Chateau's
  11. What are the chances of working for free for bed and bored etc? Anyone interesested in employing me on this basis???
  12. We are from North Yorkshire too.... Used to live in Poppleton near York, now living between Aigre and Mansle.
  13. Now then, this is our first Hallowwen in France and we have probably one of the most important questions so far. Do the children in France Trick or Treat or something similar. We really don't want to upset the little devils and look like cheap English people. Many thanks Alec
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