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  1. Thank you for your concern, we are fully aware of the process, and are presently awaiting French plates. Back to the original subject of Dinard airport, I actually collected the leaflet for AGF insurance there, who have ensured that I have remained legal throughout the re-registration process. I would highly recommend them. I am now going to spend some quality time with my family,

    Best wishes,

    Gillian Smith


  2. Please rest assured that our car is perfectly legal, we no longer require UK road tax as the car has been exported. We pay full insurance over here. We also have an out of date university pass, work car park, etc which I have also removed this afternoon!

    Please pm me if you want any further details!

  3. Hi,

    I have sent you a p.m.

    With regads to Dinard airport we go there on a regular basis to collect family, freinds and clients and have never had any problems parking.

    The first hour is free and with regards to the cars are you sure they are not registered in France? We drive a car with British plates and out of date tax disc, (which I shall remove today) because we have French insurance. We find it a simple and easy airport to use although my husband is moaning about the increase in the number of visitors since the new route opened! I don't hear him moan about the bacon and dairy milk though!

    Best wishes for your trip at xmas.

  4. Hi,

    in response to your post please have a look at the web site for Les Bons Voisins. All of the couples involved in this enterprise are siret registerd. www.lbvfrance.com


    Best wishes.

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