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  1. Thanks Possum girl.  I am travelling in two weeks time on a package to Aix En Provence with www.thetraveldepartment.ie this trip will give me a good feel for the area. Then hopefully we will take some longer time there as mentioned previously to avoid the dreadful weather here in Ireland. I am sitting in my study at the moment with my central heating on for the past 2.5 hours and I am still cold!!!.
  2. Would it be worthwhile and easy to head toward St.Malo/Dinard/Dinan?  Thanks for your info.
  3. Hi, I am travelling to Rennes in May.  I would like to make my way to Vannes from here by bus/train.  Is it possible to do so directly?  Any other suggestions as to where I might go while I am here?
  4. This is all good information.  Is Toulon a nice place itself?  Maybe better to base onself there and then travel from there to surrounding areas on the train? Regards. Boxie
  5. Thanks possumgirl.  Loved your site. Is there a train station in Sanary sur Mer? Boxie
  6. Thanks Cathy. Have you ever been to Sanary sur Mer?  The plan would be to rent somewhere for 1 month or so and move about using public transport. I saw the town on a BBC or UTV show called Sun, Sand and Antiques.  It looked fantastic?  I can pick up a two bed apt. overlooking the harbour for €50 per night off season to €100 per night high season. Is this about right for a rental? Boxie
  7. Hello, I will be flying in to Marseille airport. I need to know how to get to Sanary sur Mer from Marseille airport preferably using public transport, bus/train etc?  I would also welcome comments on the place and if there are nicer places nearby. The idea is to spend a month there. Thanks   
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