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  1. And they say that Michael Jackson was a peodophile and George Michael is gay and smokes too much pot and that Tom Cruise is a freak etc; etc; but does it stop us loving their films and music, I personally don't mix the art with the merde!
  2.   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wx99_pClMUo&feature=related
  3. Jealous Guy?   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wx99_pClMUo&feature=related
  4. LOVE http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fG8JxpitqOM    
  5. Happy Birthday! Hope to see you soon[:)] Here's a song to celebrate with you lovely other half[kiss] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5CLGtgovIqc&feature=fvw
  6. Gorgeous man Please post your favourite Lennon song here xxx   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zwXSjV5TVDg&feature=related
  7. [quote user="LEO"]Off  topic ; Hi Twinks, We are off to Spain  on the 1st November, will you be in Spain this winter? if yes, whereabouts ?  Kind regards, Leo. [/quote] I'm guessing you're referring to the thread where I said I couldn't wait to sell up and move to Spain Leo?  Won't be for another 10 years though. Are you moving there?  Lucky you!
  8. [quote user="Just Katie"]Hmmmm, back in Paris, both passports were lost, we spent ages looking for them, went to the car and they were in my suitcase, I had packed them both but cannot remember doing it.  Scary [/quote] You over did it in the 80's sweetheart!
  9. [quote user="Etoile"]Yes, nine minutes is one hell of a time to wait for a reply.[/quote] Encore quelqu'un qui a perdu son sense de l'humour [:(]  
  10. [quote user="Rose"][quote user="Dog"] PPS Rose I am not far from you in 24 so if you'd like to fly one of these kites I would be only to pleased to teach you. [/quote] Dog I may well take you up on that offer... I think they're glorious things too.... and I'll have to pay attention to the clip, maybe they mixed some of the kite-flyer into other footage?  If so... I stand corrected [:$] [/quote]   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-oCMHtaiSXw&feature=fvw
  11. Don't know what the hell they were saying but those Spanish kids all look very healthy and happy - so I think I'll have another[:)]
  12. Computer says NO. Thought so, thanks Pickle wickle [kiss]  I've told him to go back home and get it  - he wasn't far from Paris when he called so thanks for the zillion people on the forum who've been worried sick about my dilema this evening. I am high on Fervex - excuse me [:)]   What the hell do they put in this stuff - you don't even need a prescription for it!!!!!!! 
  13. Bless! Good idea Théière. I shall tell the silly billy who forgot his passport to do just that [kiss]
  14. This forum is like a mobile phone  - great for talking twaddle but no good in emergencies [:D]
  15. Hi! A British friend of mine residing in France needs to fly from Toulouse to Paris but has left his passport in Paris and only has his driving licence with him.  Will this do?
  16. "We hardly dared speak" Hi Pads!  Sounds like us pair [:D]
  17. Can't believe I just read the whole of this thread.  I must find something to do on Sundays[:)]
  18. After living and loving France for over 20 years I can't wait to sell up as soon as possible and move to Spain xxx
  19. [quote user="Richard51"]Even if the educational standards and teaching methods in French schools aren't enough to concern parents this should worry any parent of an 'immigrant' child.  It seems to confirm the real experiences of parents on this forum whose children have been pushed to the back of the line, insulted or bullied because they aren't French. Mrs R51 [/quote] Well I for one don't work in a school where there are any British children present. 
  20. A couple of my posts on this thread have kindly been bought to my attention for their content which may cause confusion to some and boredom to others. Thanks you know who [:)] I agreed with Norm about many British parents expecting their kids to be entertained but when I spoke of teachers bringing down children on a daily basis I was talking about two schools where I work as an auxiliaire de vie scolaire here in France.  When they get together in that staffroom it can become pretty negative.  It used to shock me - now I just find it depressing. 
  21. [quote user="Richard51"]Unless my counting is wrong, that list has 18 UK establishments (note, not all are universities) in the top 50 compared with France's 13.  Given you have had to resort to a very narrow specialism to try to prove your point Norm (and failed!) - it looks like case closed [;-)] Mrs R51 [/quote] My auntie's monkey just passed 10 G.C.S.E.'s.  All A passes! [:)]
  22. [quote user="NormanH"]The Big Lie ( as opposed to Big Society) in British Education comes from imagining that children have to be entertained., and their parents amused. [/quote] Well said Norm! All day long I hear teachers mocking, complaining and belittling children - they of course are absolutely perfect.  They never question their own abilities or training.  Teachers AND parents all over the world could do with a few lessons from the great visionary Maria Montessori.   Even more so in this day and age.
  23. [quote user="NormanH"][quote user="cooperlola"]Norman, why should my ashes be treated with "respect" if that's not what I want and why should somebody else define what that respect is?   Once I'm dead, to my mind that's it - I just always thought it would be fun to be dumped in the place where I've always been happiest - at the side of a race track (or preferably on it!)  It does seem a bit nuts to go to the trouble of being reduced to a harmless residue only to discover that we can't dump this anywhere we like. I realise that this is not your view, but a legislative one and you are the messenger - I'm not trying to shoot you, just throwing something into the debate for us all to discuss.  As you so rightly say, best to be in possession of the facts of the legal side of this so you can make a choice, as with so many things. When my sister died we sprinkled her ashes in the crem' with my father's but perloined a small jar full which we discreetly dumped "elsewhere", contrary to all regulations.  Nobody knows where except my mother, myself and one of her friends who helped me get rid of them when nobody was looking.  What was the harm, I wonder?  At least a small part of her ended up where she wanted to be put and, to my mind, nobody else has been harmed by this. [/quote] I think that this is a very interesting example of the differences between French mindset,  and an English one: take as another example the Law . France has a  a centralised 'code', whereas English  law evolves from common law and is then adapted by precedents. That is a gross generalisation which could easily be shot down by the legal experts here, but I do find that French people expect to have things defined and set down in 'texte's , and the debate is about finding the appropriate one, whereas English people are more used to arguing about what seems to be the principle. In other words In France things are defined for you by a higher authority. Now to duck.... [/quote] Which most of the French then choose to ignore! Smoking bans, smashed up speed radars, designated parking places etc... A close friend of mine (French) lost a family member last month - half of him is in the family columbarium and the other half will soon be scattered on the Island where he met his wife.
  24. Great film maker!  I really enjoyed L'Enfer with the excellent François Cluzet and the magnificent Emmanuel Beart. I saw her in the market in Revel one day where a lot of it was filmed, the Auberge in the film was actually a hotel at the lake St. Ferréol not far from where I live. Hope they re-run that one!
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