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  1. Hello fellow shoppers

    I know, I know - in these days of lockdown etc we shouldn't be buying anything - no new clothes, no pretty dresses, no fancy shoes - nowt.
    But some of us can't help ourselves.
    I've tried to order some items on-line from the french Next web-site.
    I have run into huge problems.
    I have a UK credit card linked to UK bank.  I have never had any problems until last few days.
    I tried to order some items - card was refused.   Reduced order to 1 item - card was accepted.
    Tried to order another item - card was rejected.
    So tried using french bank direct debit card - not even a credit card - and the card was rejected..
    This time I received info from the french bank which stated that the third party security authorisation did not work - the third party had not communicated the necessary validation/authorisation codes which meant the french bank couldn't accept the charge on the debit card.

    What the -----------------

    Seems as though all this 3rd party validation, extra security blah blah designed to 'protect' the customer - is actually preventing the customer from spending any money.
    Well, yes, I can see the logic in that - I know OH would certainly agree to anything to stop me spending !!!!!!!

    But on a serious note - has anyone else had similar problems with Next, or any other french based on-line shopping ?


  2. The eu is walking into extremely dangerous water.

    As I understand it the essential lipid needed for the Pfizer is ONLY made in the UK - nowhere else.
    The UK should immediately put a ban on exporting this essential lipid until the eu comes to its senses.
    Which will be never.

    We had that french twerp who said that the UK had 'banned exports of vaccines' - which was an out and out LIE - and which he had to retract.   But he didn';t apologise, and nor did the retraction gain much publicity.  So he lied.   That's the depths they've sunk to.  And now Fond of Lying (with her German broomsticks for guns) is threatening wholesale disruption of normal, commercial, legal trade.

    They have gone totally and completely bats.

    But if you were the CEO of any pharma company, or ANY company come to that, which manufacturers, or is based in the eu - wouldn't you start to have serious worries about an organisation that will step in, control what you can export, go through all your records - and STEAL your IP products ?

    They will all leave the eu, not want to start up in the eu - and they'll all turn to the UK.

    But what an utter, total, wicked disgrace they are.  The eu has put 'ideology' and 'face saving'

    They are wicked, evil beyond words............

    And the whole world is watching, open-mouthed, at their antics.


  3. I've down some more 'delving' into my PC -
    this might be a better link -

    An interesting report from two good journalists below. Pfizer are

    looking to make massive profits in the future from the COVID vaccine.

    AstarZeneca are making it at non profit costs, and therefore a threat to

    Pfizer and other big Pharma companies. It would be interesting to know

    if Pfizer have provided political donations to parties or politicians in


    Krystal and Saagar: Pfizer Execs Explore How To Profit Off Future Vaccines


    Pass this round to everyone you know... might open their eyes.
    Anyway, make up your own minds - knows what I thinks,

  4. I downloaded this - but not sure how I can copy and paste the link. 

    But if you type into Google the heading below - you should arrive at the YouTube video.

    In fact, having listened to it again - it is something everyone should hear, should be aware of - how a big pharma company is planning to make billions out the PFIZER vaccine.

    And the UK and Oxford University are providing the OxfordAstra at COST - no profit;  have already donated millions of vaccines to COVAX the international aid for distributing the vaccine - and allowed the patent to be distributed worldwide for FREE................
    Then listen to this video -  and pass on the information.
    And it reinforces my belief that no-one should accept the Pfizer - no-one; not when we have a cheaper, safer alternative - and not just because it is British...........
    But make your own minds up.
    But do listen to it .  - here's the heading -

    Krystal and Saagar: Pfizer Execs Explore How To Profit Off Future Vaccines


  5. Idun - OK - I'm sorry - it's the Daily Mail - but their story today quotes figures from the UK's health agency comparing figures for the OxfordAstra and Pfizer.


    You could also try the Lancet, the BMJ.

    Seems there is now talk that the eu has deliberately done this - not just because it is the UK, though that was the original reason -
    but there is now 'chat' that because the eu invested in developing the Pfizer, and the Sanofi (huh) - that there is money to be made in profit from the more expensive Pfizer.

    Oh - here's something else that more people should be aware of -
    in a Financial Briefing - money side of this appalling betrayal of european citizens -
    listen to the CEO and finance bods of Pfizer -
    planning how they will make billions out of the vaccine because this chinese virus will become -
    endemic (ie like the flu)

    rather than a pandemic as it is as the moment.
    I've always said - 'Follow The Money' - and this stinks to high heaven.

    Not sure how I can put a link with a video download -

    I'll get back on here when I've managed it - but it is eye opening - and it is a financial briefing, not a conspiracy site or anything else - straightforward 'business'..
    And I was disgusted.
    Might take me a little while !!

  6. The 'suspension' of the OxfordAstra vaccine is purely and entirely POLITICAL - no other reason.
    The eu has made terrible mistakes - it is the ordinary people who will and are suffering - not the eu bods.

    Can I suggest to those interested to check out the figures for the Pfizer - they are HIGHER; the incidence of blood clots is 78 to the OxfordAstra 33.....

    So ask yourselves what the hell is going on.   The eu has been incompetent; it hates the fact that the UK has successfully produced a vaccine, it is being offered at NO profit; it is being offered to the world, and the UK has already donated millions of this vaccine to the international COVAX aid.
    Again - please go and check official reports - don't take my word.

    But remember; the eu has its own pharma interests;  the Pfizer is more expensive - and Pfizer MAKES A PROFIT from every dose.   As will Sanofi (ha, ha, ha, ha... whenever).

    Follow the money;  always a good motto.

    Am I cynical - who me.  Do I think the eu puts ideology ahead of moral behaviour - who me ?  Never.... !!!!

    (Not likely to have vax for months and months and months; thinking of hiring an inflatable to cross the English Channel - as an 'illegal' I'd be top of the list....!!!)

  7. Thanks everyone; another banana - thanks for those phrases - I'm going to memorise them.
    I haven't checked our MT's web pages for last few weeks - maybe I did get it wrong;  I'll do another check.
    It is good news about the OxfordAstra - if those become available at pharmacie then that does make life easier.
    Part of my problem - and some of you have forced me to face the fact (thanks) - that I'm doing my 'head in the sand bit'; that in fact I'm the one that has to sort this out and face facts - not him.
    And that makes me more responsible for him - aaarrrghhh....!!
    I have been keeping a running 'diary' of sorts; mainly the really nasty times when I was afraid; and sometimes just even the most stupid things he does... poor MT would have 5 pages to read through !!
    I'll admit, also, part of my problem is that my french is not very good - and I'm probably reluctant to put myself in a situation of trying to explain myself - and not understanding answers!

    I shall have to get myself out and about in next few days and start taking steps.

    Thank you everyone for being patient with me - I feel 'trying the patience of saints' comes to mind here - you're the saints and I'm the stupid one.
    I'll get it sorted.

    Promise !!

  8. Idun - you're as bad as Cajal - you shouldn't encourage me !!
    But it's a seriously good idea, must admit.

    The french retreat wouldn't work for him; he's going deaf - and doesn't hear me clearly now.  He'd just be stranded and isolated and unable to talk to anyone.   Hmmmm - might serve him right !!!!
    As for Dr - oh here we go;  had intended to get him to his doctor just about the time of his birthday - would have been a good excuse as 'routine' checkup.
    Guess what happened.
    Even worse - our GP is only doing RDVs over the telephone..... which wouldn't work.
    So I'm just sitting and sitting and sitting....
    and thinking !

    I really do appreciate the kind words from everyone - does help keep me sane.
  9. Hi Lori - oh damnation - you mean even the authorities don't want him !!

    You're right about the vaccination - but I don't fall into any of the priority categories so I'll just have to sit and wait, and twiddle my thumbs..... and pull my hair out.
    Oh well - at least I didn't get shouted down for my little plan !!

  10. Oh I'm fed up.
    Not going into details - but my stress levels are rising again.

    I've had a thought - a very nasty thought.

    Bear with me......

    I'm the one having to sort out his CdS - simply because he can't use computer; I've been responsible for tax returns, and recently taken over more of 'keeping an eye' on bank statements, bills etc.

    Now - here's my wicked, cunning little plan.

    What would happen if I didn't arrange his CdS - if I 'played dumb';  tbh he's not even aware he needs one...!!

    Do you think the 'authorities' would find out  (ie who could I inform?), and how quickly would they deport him for me ..........!!!!  He could easily go and live with his single sister back in the UK - she'd love to have him !!!!!!

    Sorry, not really serious (well, not really) - just I've had a bad day and trying to find something to laugh at; thought some of you might see the humour (don't worry if you don't).


  11. I sincerely hope we DO have a choice of vaccine.
    I do NOT want the Sputnik one, nor the Pfizer;  as I understand it there's more chance of side-effects with the Pfizer - and I would prefer to avoid.
    As for the Sputnik - not flippin likely thank you very much.

    What a mess;  and the eu is now telling lies about how the uk has supposedly blocked exports of vaccine.
    What a shower; having made a complete horlicks of it because of a power-grab and ego's - they are still telling lies.

    I'll wait for the pharmacy, and insist on the OxfordAstra....
    The way things are going right now in France, think I'll do a runner back to the UK and have my jab there as long-term visitor staying with family !!!!!!!

  12. Idun - yes I do;  but the 'hoops' make it pretty diffiicult don't they.   But it's always good to have as much info as possible and I appreciate people's advice - very much.
    If situation becomes dire then I'll know what's possible and what isn't.
    But I was also wondering about how we're going to be 'allowed' to travel in future, and what proof anyone might have been given - ie certificate - confirming that they've had their 2 jabs.

  13. Who said anything about coming back !!!!   Sometimes I feel I just wanna walk away and never come back (But that's another issue)......

    Seriously though - I was just wondering whether anyone who has been lucky enough to have a jab, or the two jabs - what, if anything, they have been given in the form of a certificate or something to prove they've had the chinese virus vax.

    Just that in a travel section of a magazine I came across reference to a 'vaccine certificate' for the jab but this was referring to the UK situation.

    Just wondered what was happening here in France as regards 'proof' that one has had both jabs, and are not a carrier, nor a sufferer.

    Was curious because there seems to be no agreement at the moment amongst eu countries about a so-called 'green passport'.   Anyone had any vax for international travel which includes proof of having jabs against yellow fever etc etc. - is a certificate provided as proof ? 

    I know, I'm jumping months ahead - but just interested.

  14. I'm desperate to visit the UK to see family (one of whom is going through worrying time).
    France is supposedly 'stepping up' the jabs, and there's talk of pharmacies being able to give the OxfordAstra vax some time soon.

    There's much talk of 'green passport' being needed if one wants to travel. 

    Has anyone who has had their vax got any 'proof' that they've had the jab that could be used as 'green passport' - or is that something else we are going to have to fill in forms for ?

    Or am I jumping the gun ?

  15. GG - there has been a great deal of discussion, in the press AND medical journals about the UK's death figures compared to other countries.
    The problem is the way the UK has recorded deaths is completely different to many other countries, and includes the phrase 'with Covid' - whereas many other countries use the phrase 'from Covid' - and which has led to an over-reporting of the UK's figures and/or under-reporting of other countries figures.
    Only in a year or so will it be possible to do a full depth, forensic examination of the figures and unpick the truth.
    Some medical actuaries are in fact doing that in the UK - and their preliminary, ad hoc, judgement is that by removing what might be called 'normal death' figures from those that have been reported the UK's figures compare favourably (and I use that word with reluctance but it is one that was used) but the UK figures are nowhere near as bad as they would appear to be on first reading.   Sadly, those initial numbers are all that the media pick up on - and run with - and then the UK gets tarred with having the 'worst' numbers.

    Final scientific analysis could well prove the UK hasn't had such high numbers compared to other countries.
    But whatever the numbers, each number is a personal tragedy and a family tragedy.

  16. Two points -
    1.  Talk of side-effects of the vax.

    I think it's becoming very clear that those who have strong reactions are likely to be the young, or very healthy older people.   Scientists and medical people have all come to the same conclusion; ie the more pronounced the reaction, the stronger the immune system is, and the higher the protection from the chinese virus afterwards.

    2.  To avoid any reactions it's now being suggested by some of the medical bods that one should take a paracetamol IMMEDIATELY AFTER having the vaccination - that you do NOT wait for any symptoms - you take it anyway as a precaution.

    But it's all academic for us at the moment anyway, isn't it ?

    What a farce; what a disgrace.  I do not understand the french media - aren't any of them clever enough, or brave enough perhaps - to start challenging the story from the eu and France that 'everything is going well'.
    No it b---y well isn't - and it is time the media - or so-called journalists - really started to challenge the comments made by Macron, and the eu.
    The fact they don't question, and maybe don't read the news from other eu countries, should raise some very disturbing questions in the minds of the citizens of the eu.

    Why are the journalists so scared - or so brain-washed ?   Something rotten at the 'heart' (does it have one?) of the eu

    Not a happy place France at the moment - and it's not likely to get any better for another year.


  17. BinB - that's what I was thinking as well.
    I can't remember clearly the 'why' right now - but I do know I obtained from the DVLA a statement from them confirming that I was entitled to drive - ie had passed my driving test and had a current, full driving licence.
    Surely if the DVLA were able to provide that to me when living in France - then all they have to do is call up the same letter - and they can confirm to themselves that you had a full UK driving licence and were entitled to drive in the UK.
    Your french driving licence would indicate, wouldn't it, whether it is valid (ie not suspended because of dangerous driving or driving while under the influence).
    So if you have a current french licence then the DVLA are at fault, surely.
    With this chinese virus, though, I think many of them are WFH and there's a huge back-log of 'normal' day-to-day stuff they are ploughing through.
    Good luck.


  18. Thanks everyone for good advice.
    Hadn't really left the water meter for 1 - 2 hours to get a more accurate reading - so that's one step I'll try.   Did e-mail water company - have had no response, and no visit !!  If it turns out to be leak at water meter think I'll ask our Mairie for help.

    As for the GdS - never touched it, which was why I was asking about it.  If I turned the red knob to close it, will that close off any hot water to the taps ?  If I close that, and can still hear the sound, does that mean we have water moving from the hot tank into the drain because there's a leak at the stop-tap ?

    I've checked behind all the kitchen cupboards, the bathroom cupboards, round by the hot water tank - there is absolutely no sign of any water anywhere...  newish house on concrete slab so if we had a leak indoors it should be obvious, shouldn't it ?

    It isn't tinnitus (thanks lehaut ! - and I'm sorry you have hearing problems - that must be miserable for you);  the sound varies.  A couple of visitors said they could hear the noise - strangely she could hear better than he could !! - but both confirmed hearing it.  

    It's louder outside than in the house; strangely enough it gets louder if I walk away from the house, away from the meter, and up the road !!  Is it possible there is a leak further up from us and the sound is travelling down the pipes to our place ?   (I've been accused of having hearing like a bat !)    It isn't the humming of pylons - I've stood under high-power pylons so I'm aware of that kind of 'humming'.

    No, this is just a high pitched - but not loud -  'hissing' sound - and at night I can hear it more clearly, and maybe I've just become more sensitised to it.

    Think the idea of taking photos at the water meter is a good one - if that's where the leak is coming from.

    I now need to grab hold of a passing hunky chunky farmer driving one of the big boys toys, and ask him to remove concrete slabs over the water meter, so I can do a more accurate watch on the meter.   I can't do this myself (and those who may have read previous posts will understand why I can no longer ask OH to do such things - basically I feel I'm on my own now....- which is an additional hiccup for me).

    I knew you wonderful people on here would give me proper, practical advice -

    I'll let you know the outcome.
    Many thanks - Chessie  

  19. Need help, again, from you wonderful, clever people.
    On top of everything else that's going wrong for me, I think we now have a water leak.
    I can hear a hissing sound of a water leak.  I can hear it outside, close to the water meter, and up the road 100 yards away, I can hear the hissing sound everywhere in the garden, and in the house.  It sounds very much like the hissing sound one hears when turning on the knob for the gas hob.
    I've had our friendly local farmer remove the slabs on top of the water meter; the concrete cavity was flooded with water.  (This was after several weeks of almost continuous heavy rain).  He scooped all the water out, and watched the water meter.  He said he 'doesn't think' the leak is on our side of the water pipe.  (NB - it was dusk when he looked !).  Which would be good;  but I'm still not happy.
    We had some friends come round, and as they've built a new house from scratch I reckoned he'd have a good idea about the water supply.   He also lifted the slabs, couldn't hear the hissing sound (though his wife could) - but again he said he didn't think it was on our side of the water pipe, because the dial wasn't going round.  I don't think he looked at it for long enough - and I'm still not convinced - because I can hear this sound, everywhere in the house, and late at night it's starting to get to me !!!

    I've been checking on the thread about GdS under another heading on this forum.  I'm becoming convinced (in my silly little mind) that what I can hear is the sound of a leak, under pressure, from the GdS which would be close to the chauffage-eau - yes ?
    Having looked at one of the freebie DIY catalogues I can see, I think, how the water supply is supposed to work - but I'd be grateful if someone would just read through and confirm or put me right.
    The water meter outside, with the dial, has a lever.  If that lever is closed it means there is no supply of water to the house - yes ?
    Now the GdS system; looking at that it would seem that there is a red knob on every one I've looked at, which seems to operate like a stop-cock.  

    If I closed off that control knob would that affect the water supply to the rest of the house; or does it cut off the water supply to the Chauffage-eau only ?   At the moment, because I've been so worried about this leak I have turned off the main electricity supply (at the fuse board) to the chauffage-eau - so we have no hot water - called economising and saving electricity - and our money !!
    The water pressure to the taps doesn't seem to be as high as it used to be; also when I've turned the electricity on to the chauffauge-eau (for about 12 hours)  - and we've had hot water - the tank seems to run cold very quickly.   Which is why I think the problem is at the GdS.

    Yes, I accept - we need to call in a plumber, but I'm one of those people who likes to 'know' things anyway.

    I hope I've explained the problem so it is understandable.... I'm just concerned about the cost of the loss of water - and the fact we're living 'rough' because we've no hot water  !!!

    As ever any advice, help, info would be greatly appreciated from you lovely people.

  20. Blodwyn - I looked on the Equiniti site; I think you might have had a problem with the Nat Grid ones because they appear to fall into a 'special' category.
    But as anotherbanana wrote, probably a UK stockbroker might be first port of call - certainly think that will be my route.

    I can't do any of this on-line - our shares are still the paper ones, not the electronic ones.
    Second problem is having to set up a new account, certainly with Equiniti with all the proofs of ID needed under the money laundering and any other wretched regulations whereby the authorities think we're all criminals !
    Just hope Brexit doesn't add further complications.

    Many thanks for ideas - always, always gratefully received.
  21. Mint - thanks for giving Wooly a nudge for me - that was nice of you.
    Wooly - you advise I should use UK stockbroker - so that confirms what I thought (and hope might be possible)..
    Loiseau - your link was very helpful - think I'll follow up one of the firms recommended.
    Sue - Yes, we used Equinit years ago; but they don't have our details any more.   Love the idea that any french CG can be put off for 18 months - and I'll probably have to ask for help in working it all out when the time comes.   Yes, we both have UK bank accounts.

    My one problem with using any organisation in the UK is the 'proof of ID' and all sorts of other documents.  Having been through all that several years when arranging a UK mortgage on a UK property while here in France really did cause me to tear my hair out at one stage, which is why I thought the simplest option would be to visit a french stockbroker or bank.   (Bank - ha ha ha ha - after the comments made I've crossed that option right off my list !!).

    The other worry I have is that with Brexit and the UK now a 'third country' - can't help feeling it might not be so easy - which again is why I thought of using French stockbroker.

    But you've all given me ideas which I'll follow up.   Wish me luck;  the jam for the bread is now almost all gone..........!!


  22. Sorry everyone - hope I can explain this clearly.
    We have a wall of an old stone building that has collapsed. OK - it happens.
    But I've been doing some checking.   The ground where the wall is situated has always been very boggy and swampy during and after heavy periods of rain, has always taken ages to dry out.  I've noticed water running down from the fields, down the road and over the grass where this wall had been.
    Checking and doing a bit more detective work I have realised that we don't have any kind of drainage ditch at the front of our house.
    We're in rural, farming countryside, on a minor country road.  We live on a slope, on the side of a hill.   The road running in front of our house from the top of the hill to the bottom has a drainage ditch running the whole distance, but only on the other side of the road to our house.
    On our side of the road there is a drainage ditch which runs from the top of the hill - and then stops - no ditch where our property starts - just a green grassy area, which runs for about 70 feet.  Then there is our 12 ft wide gravel drive entrance.  Then the drainage ditch starts the other side of the drive,  (in front of our land) and continues on down to the bottom of the hill.
    In effect, there's a complete drain run on the side of the road opposite our house.
    On our side of the road - there is an interuppted drainage ditch....................
    It seems that the ditch that should be continuous on our side of the road is not; it was either covered up at some stage, or the work was never carried out.   Which means that all the water draining from the hill on our side of the road, runs down the drainage ditch - stops when it reaches our land - and then spreads out which is why some of our garden, and the front lawn, is so boggy.

    Question - this drain line should be on public land - not our private property.   Am I right in thinking that, apart from the driveway, there should be a gap between the edge of the road, then a drainage ditch - which is the responsibility of the commune; and that the land on the other side of the drainage ditch is private property.

    In other words - if the ditch isn't there - can I ask the Mairie to get the ditch sorted out, installed, whatever.  Isn't it the responsibility of the local commune to install, repair, maintain these ditches ?   I rather think it was all this soggy ground that may have led to the leaning and eventual collapse of a stone wall.

    As I understand it this grassy area which runs along the front of our house has never been fenced - there's no sign of a ditch (which is odd) and the plans don't seem to show a great detail as to the front boundary.

    To repair this wall is obviously going to cost;  it's one of the walls of the former old stone house of which there are (or had been) 3 complete walls standing; it's a large part of one of the existing 3 walls that has collapsed.   If there is no drainage ditch then that's something that will need sorting, which could cost us more money.
    Feeling fed-up; feeling easiest would be to just knock the whole damn ruin down completely .....
    But don't really want to.
    Called life 'n stuff - but if anyone has any guidance would really appreciate it - as I always do when I'm asking my stupid questions.
    (Couldn't sleep last night; have had 4 cups of coffee since 4 am...- read the on-line newspapers - will probably need a nap this afternoon !)  Sorry to ramble - it's the 'no sleep that's done it.

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