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  1. [quote user="Tresco"]He's white. A white rabbit. It's the lighting thats blue. God love us and help us! [:D][/quote] So its perfectly normal to have a white rabbit with a blue light shining at it?  But not playing the drums.  But don't all rabbits play the drums?
  2. Dave Can't quite remember how long it took before we signed the compromise, but I know our agent was very slow to do anything.  Fortunatley for us this also meant we didn't pay a deposit until we completed.  Our understanding was we would have to pay a 10% deposit well in advance of our completing, but we were never asked for it.  There seems to be so many swings and roundabouts buying a French property, most of the information you read is just a guide and I would recommend you use it only as a guide. However, I would challenge the agent about the property still being advertised, don't think that's on, but  just maybe an oversight. Dotty 
  3. I'm sorry Tresco, but they look like drumsticks to me.  Perhaps you should be asking why is the rabbit blue, surely that's the strangest thing. Dotty
  4. Tresco, I missed this thread at the time but its the kind of thing about him I miss the most.  He has so much to offer on this forum, its such a shame he isn't here.  Lets hope he is able or wants to come back soon. Dotty
  5. [quote user="Tresco"] No Dotty, I just added it so see how you do it. Go to the main page of the forum and right at the top in the section 'how to complain' you'll find a post by James. You can pm him from there. [/quote] Thanks for the info, I will have a go. Dotty
  6. [quote user="Dick Smith"] I thought someone had stolen his drum. I'm miffed that no-one rates the munky. [/quote] Dick the monkey is alright, but I did like the little boy, who is he? Dotty
  7. [quote user="Russethouse"] I added my 'www.quimperclub.org' to my signature, in my profile. I love DottyO profile [kiss] [/quote] Gay, please tell me how do I contact James re sorting out my profile problem. Dotty
  8. Tresco, why the grumpster anyway, it hasn't always been there, has it ?
  9. [quote user="Tresco"] I like your avatar Dotty. She's gorgeous, and inspirational, and sepia tinted. What more could one ask? James can help with Avatars. It took me ages to get mine in that tiny box and I can't remember how I did it. I just added 'grumpster' as a signature. [/quote] Thankyou Tresco, that's a really nice thing to say.  As you like her maybe she can stay. Dotty
  10. Thanks for that ladies, but it won't let me change anything.  I remembered to copy the error message this time. Server Error in '/cs' Application Please tell me what to do someone. [:)]
  11. I know a man who could of answered this question very easily, oh what is his name, its on the tip of my tongue, no sorry its gone.[:)]
  12. No one keen on Dotty Dalton then?  No, I'm getting fed up of her too.  Any suggestions for a new one please. Also, can anyone tell me how I get the repeatable bit at the end of my posts, like Twinkles widow Twinkie?  I thought it was called a signature, but when I tried to add one it kept coming back as error something or other, null info bla bla. Many thanks Sad Dotty.[:(]
  13. KKK I promise I sent you a PM.  Have you received it yet?  Katie you have the characteristics of my cat, he has got the hump with me as well.  You go away for a week and everybody gets grumpy with you.  I'm back now and I'm not going away again for a long time, so be a good girl and I'm sorry you are a cross Katie.  Is that better now. Dotty
  14. Dick, I don't think it was me, but have just checked my PMs now and forgot to check the number of viewings, so it should now read 8 times. Dotty
  15. [quote user="KatieKopyKat"]Who's gonna pm me then?[/quote] Check your PMs, Little Miss left out [:)]
  16. Well, I sent it to you and you replied and I looked at your reply and it said it had been viewed 4 times.  Seems a bit dodgey to me.
  17. Ta, yes clear as mud. [:D] Can someone tell me, why is it that my private email has had 4 viewings, when I have just sent it.  Does this mean that they are not that private.
  18. [quote user="Dick Smith"]I don't think we are allowed to. Seriously. [/quote] Just sent you a PM [:)]
  19. Thanks Katie, not sure I'm in the right forum though.  The mood seems a little too sombre for me.  I've been trawling back through the past few days posts to see where Miki has gone.  After driving 500 miles today, my eyes really hurt, so I've given up looking and thought i'd ask.  Dotty
  20. Hello I'm back.  What's going on and where is Miki?  I've had a lovely holiday in Blighty, brought back loads of beans and Marmite, only to find another bust up.  I was so looking forward to catching up with the guys, please tell me what's been going on.  Dotty
  21. Hello all, see you are having fun, is that allowed?  What's with all the new avitars?  I go away for a few days and come back and don't recognise you. I'm off to Blighty tomorrow, do you want me to bring anything back for you? Dotty
  22. Like the new avitars chaps. [:D]
  23. Hi all Just thought I'd sneak in a quick message.  You must be distraught, No Twinkle, No Dotty, how are you coping without us.[:)]  Missing you all, having a wonderful time, got loads done, you guys take up so much of my time you wouldn't believe the jobs I've completed this week and its only Wednesday. Hope Dick is having a good holiday, hope Miki is behaving himself, Hello Girls KKK and Tresco. See you soon. Dotty
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