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  1. The decheterie is the collection service!
  2. Think further: on the sheer volume of EU registered trucks entering Britain each year: will they all need upgraded documents, visas, carnets etc? I would have thought that in the absence of free movement of goods , it was self-evident that some of the procedures and documentation that you mention will be imposed. It all depends on exactly what Brexit eventually turns out to mean. As for the preexisting agreements many of them were superceded by EU treaties , so we can start with the infamous blank canvas.
  3. you never know how long they take to answer the phone! Wouldn't it be easier just to do it online via sosh.fr?
  4. The NDI is in effect your address for your line. The RIO is only used with the existing number , if you wan't to keep your current public face. If your happy with a new number then you will simply be allocated one. So you order with the NDI , then later in the process , if you want to keep your existing number use the RIO. The RIO is tied to your current phone number , not your "address". It's quite likely that the NDI was, or would have been the number for the property before all this complicated phones out of the back of the livebox business cropped up. Using the NDI provides a bit of stability for the pair of wires back in the exchange in a world where the phone number can be changing whenever people change their internet/phone provider.
  5. Presumably they said 6 Days to allow for your 10 days notice of cancellation of your current contract to go through the system. Starting in 6 days means that they probably won't overlap. Couldn't you have just changed your forfait in the Espace Client, to avoid paying 10- days for nothing?
  6. Unfortunately Poolguy isn't around here anymore, having moved to new pastures.
  7. It's not a tax on recycling it's just a charge for collecting the rubbish.
  8. Most councils have gone over to a separate charge for collecting rubbish. This link shows that consultations were afoot in your area and were mentioned in a document you probably received back then. http://pyreneesaudoises.wix.com/ccpa#!lettre-dchets-mnagers-2015/cpqg
  9. I see they have changed their name agin. ERDF is now ENERDIS This may help with getting you connected. https://connect-racco.erdfdistribution.fr/prac-internet/login/ If you follow the new supply link it will leed to either an online application or a local email address. If not there is an FAQ here http://www.enedis.fr/demarches
  10. The a10 at Orleans is very unlikely to reopen before next week. All traffic is being diverted at Tours , up to Le Mans , and thence to Paris. In the current circumstances I would continue to Rouen and then to the tunnel. It seems a bit pointless going from Le Mans to Calais via Paris.
  11. As I said above, the requirement is to include return postage for forms sent to voters outside the UK. Hence all the international wording on the envelopes people are receiving. This is a change of policy from normal elections, and is contrary to the wording of the application form. If I was a Brexit supporter I might be a little suspicious as to why the policy was changed.....
  12. Despite the "Stamp required " notice on the application form, the Electoral Commission issued a ruling earlier this year. "Counting Officers must make arrangements with Royal Mail for an international business response licence and ensure that this is used on all return envelopes included in postal ballot packs to be sent to overseas addresses." So one assumes that the correct envelope will have been included in all/most postal votes heading to Fance. You can't rule out errors when you are dealing with outsourced mailing .
  13. I don't expect them to allow special proxy votes if people can't be bothered to read the instructions. It's clearly stated on the application form. A Freepost envelope is included in your postal ballot pack. But, if you are sending it from overseas, you will need to pay the postage
  14. When you reserve with booking.com you get a highly formatted graphic intense confirmation from booking.com,you don't get anything from the hotel. What are you viewing the email in/on? Do you have a picture of the hotel and a google maps extract showing the location.?
  15. I believe that Fransat no longer sell cards on their own. You buy them either with a decoder box or a CAM. They seem to start at around 100 Euros. Unlike the TNTSAT they don't expire after three years. http://www.fransat.fr/catalogue/15-modules-ci
  16. The airport terminal machines aren't operated by a bank, but by Moneycorp the foreign exchange supplier. I suspect that they will ask how many pounds you wish to convert and then give you Euros at their own depressed rate. So if you are able to use a French card I fear that you would pay double commission, as you would have to pay in sterling, and then convert your debit to Euros. Actually just found this on MSE which confirms my thoughts http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/showthread.php?t=4224335
  17. I fear that trying to change from HC/HP to the single tariff at the same time as switching supplier is always going to be difficult. As the change requires a visit by ERDF to reprogramme or even change the meter it's probably easier to switch as you are and then change the abonnement later. The visit will be chargeable at either 37 , 55. or even 66 Euros depending on the work involved.
  18. Darty show that model as available for Click and Collect or free delivery. http://www.darty.com/nav/achat/hifi_video/televiseurs-led/grand_ecran_led/samsung_ue40ju6000_4k_uhd.html
  19. I've found this to be a useful site to see who has what and current prices http://www.lcd-compare.com/
  20. This is all due to the Responsible Insurance contacts reform that was announced about 18 months ago. the idea was to ensure that contracts provided a good standard of basic cover, whilst at the same time penalising contacts that were deemed to be over generous. I suspect that you have a policy with a higher than normal cover. If that is the case the tax rate has double going up from 7 to 14%. So a policy previously costing 300 + 21 tax would increase to 342. I suggest you contact MMA to see if they have anewer policy that meets your needs, whilst avoiding the penalty tax. http://mutuelle.dispofi.fr/contrat-responsable-2015
  21. You are not alone. But the good news is that it is possible to convince the authorities that a mistake has been made, and hence get a refund of the additional penalty. http://forum.doctissimo.fr/viepratique/Justice-et-droit/opposition-administrative-amende-sujet_8423_1.htm
  22. Le secteur Uc, correspondant aux extensions urbaines de l’agglomération . Ie the bits which will probably be built upon next.
  23. It's better if you can be there. We know of two people who were selling houses with business attached, where the Notaire only raised the amount of CGT liability at the actual signing.It came as a major shock as we we are talking about a converted farm with 2 self converted gites. They came away with £20,000 less than they had expected. It had initially been a £30,000. They had wrongly assumed that as they live on the site it would all be counted as their residence.In fact they had to pay CGT on half of the sale.
  24. "Someone having fun spending a clients money" isn't that the dictionary definition of a architect?
  25. The details of the law are set out here http://assainissement.comprendrechoisir.com/comprendre/fosse-septique-dimensions In essence you count the number of the principle rooms, living, dining, office, bedrooms etc Up to 5 rooms you need a fosse of 3000 litres, above 5 you add 1000 for each additional room.
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