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  1. Hi Menthe,

    Local sounds of Autumn..............the beautiful chirruping of the Robins in the garden, they always sound cheery and the other small birds who can heard fluttering between the trees and their feeding station. The crows in the fields, the hissing of car tyres in the rain driving past - mostly too quickly - the wipers on my car squeaking on the windscreen from time to time as my carefully selected setting on the variable intermittent wipe does not always correspond to the varying amounts of rainfall from one minute to the next and of course, like many of us, the constant sound of euros racing from our bank accounts and going to various government bodies 😝 

  2. Hi Norman,

    I couldn't agree with you more. The France-Services are superb and usually not far away from home, 8 km in our case.

    Having run a small business here since 2005 we wanted to apply for our meagre French pensions. We had a RDV within 2 days and everything was sorted - bar a few minor issues which we dealt with easily. For most things we deal direct with the various fragmented parts of the French bureaucracy😉, but felt that a helping hand with pensions was worth a chat about. 10/10 for their service and it's free!!

    Have a good weekend



  3. Never knew that Dave, thanks.😀 A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away I had a Triumph Tiger Cub, which luckily I never rode. First bike was a Honda CD175 with the gear change on the left foot as opposed to the Tiger Cub being on the right. Stayed with riceburners after that😀

  4. Hi Menthe,

    I am not sure how my body would react taking my beta blockers in the evening as opposed to the morning, which I have done for over 20 years............😉 Had a quick look online and there does seem to be evidence that evenings can be best.............too afraid to change, but thank you.👍

  5. Hi all,

    Worth pointing out that if you take any tablets for high blood pressure at all, take the first reading of the day before breakfast or taking any of said médicaments. That lets you and the doctor know that the tablets are working as they should.

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  6. Hi all with blood pressure issues. We understand "white coat syndrome", our doctor said that the French are just as bad. I get "blue overall syndrome" when the car has its CT😉 

    Anyhow, if you want a chart as recommended by our doctor for the best times to take your blood pressure and pulse, open the pdf with this message and print it out.

    We bought an basic Omron which is one recommended by the French health authorities. Sadly had to buy from Amazon - what can you do when they beat everyone elses price?

    Hope it helps.

    Have a good weekend.


  7. Hi Menthe,

    If you log in to the impôts site and click on documents on the top menu line, you should see a list of all the info that you have so diligently put into the system. Then tap or click, "afficher les documents liés" you should see " déclaration en ligne 2023 par un résident d'un compte bancaire etc............................. click "visualiser PDF". Once you see the PDF come up simply save it somewhere you won't forget it on your PC/MAC or indeed print it. Even using Adobe acrobat you should be able to copy/paste the details next year into the Impôts site. Of course this supposes that they haven't changed the damned forms (which is an annoying habit of theirs) or you forgot where you put the PDF's 😉

    Hope it helps,

    Cheers !

  8. Glad you spotted the error Menthe, thank you. More like the exchange rate many moons ago when we first came over to France.

    Strangely enough, I don't support Wrexham -or any football team - but we lived for around 9 years in a small village in the hills above the Vale of Llangollen before coming to France, which put us around 8 miles from Wrexham. Maybe it has improved but back then..........shall we say,  it was a work in progress. There was a great café though in a department store that did a superb UK breakfast for £1,99 !!!! Our Saturday morning treat sometimes. That was in 2003 though😉

    Thanks again and I shall start my tax return today using the correct figure.


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