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  1. Seems to be a good few plonkers putting posts up with spurious links. If you click on the three small dots at top right of their post there is the option to report the listing and management take their posts down pretty quickly - thanks. That way the forum can be clear for the rest of us to enjoy.

    The more of us that do this may discourage these people as they will not receive any hits to their websites. Time will tell I guess..............

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  2. Just a thought.............why have so many sports people taken to screaming and opening their faces like squabbling baboons when winning a point, or a game of whatever sport they are involved in?

    It is not a good look!

    One wonders what Darwin would have made of it.

    Maybe it's just the heat making me grumpy.😡


  3. Now, we don't watch much UK TV for so many reasons, but recently chatted about old adverts and a couple sprang to mind - for any youngsters on this forum - this is how it was done - not your split second frame, flash, idiots throwing themselves around nonsense that passes for an advert today. None of the current adverts will ever be remembered - hopefully..............


    and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zh8iXc2d71U

    Discuss ?

  4. I know of a person who does French tax returns for a living as well as translations etc. and the rate that she is using for this year - I expect directly from the Tax office in dept 24 -  is 1,14989.

    Hope she's right...............that's the figure that I have used this year.

  5. Hi,

    Either go and see the bank, or they will do it via e-mail (secure messaging) (we did this). Explain the situation, and they will increase your monthly payment allowance.................of course they will charge you for this - in our case in 2019 it was 11€ to have our limit increased for a period of 12 months. Or they may offer you a card with greater spending limits - that will cost a few euros too. Oh, how I miss free banking in UK - been here 18 years ?

    Hope that helps,


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