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  1. I always advise people who receive dodgy mails, or even questionable mails, to hover their cursor over the link and copy the address into Google/Duck Duck Go .. whichever search engine they use and do a quick search.

    If anything at all suspicious comes up then on no account click to open on any link.

    You could forward the mail to CPAM .. but I have forgotten their phishing address.

    Otherwise delete it.

  2. 6 minutes ago, NormanH said:

    On the other hand it isn't the email associated with my Ameli account..

    That makes sense .. you are aware of that but other, more unwary souls might not realise and be tempted to reply.

    If you click on the link in a mail it does alert the sender of the mail that you have opened the mail and that your email is alive and kicking and that has a value.

  3. Norman

    I don't know enough about Linux to be able to reply accurately ref your personal computer.

    But this link (it's ok ?) from Malwarebytes explains about part of the link access address at the top of the page you showed :


    Also at the top of your link page you have 'distracted-elbakyan' as part of the address .. which has been half-inched from the infamous Alexandre Elbakyan .. wiki link https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alexandra_Elbakyan

    It looks as though the phishing attempt is quite a humorous example .. cleverly done, but still out to deceive. 

  4. 52 minutes ago, NormanH said:

    Do you think that merely clicking a link as in 'open in another tab' is rash?

    I use Linux which would require me to enter a password for anything to be installed on my system, and have a firewall.

    But might you not have alerted them to the fact that your email address is live by clicking on a link .. the phishers have no need to install anything on your system.

  5. This must be so frustrating for you both .. it does appear to be very limiting software.

    11 hours ago, anotherbanana said:

    Yes, Archant are aware of the problem. Meanwhile very frustrating for Hoddy and I not being able to do anything. Fingers crossed something happens soon. And, yes, software definitely a cheapo, I think.


    11 hours ago, Hoddy said:

    It's true to say that communications are not brilliant at the moment. I notice that we have lost both ways of sending messages too.


  6. The forum is receiving posts from unknown people who are promoting smthg .. either their services, their company or 'n'importe quoi'.

    Some posters/readers might be happy to see these posts ..but others might not, including me.

    As none of these posts here been removed I can only assume that Wooly and Hoddy have no power/authority to verify/authorise these new posters.

    This, if a true view of their position, worries me.

    This new site is very odd .. ok I understand it is 'off the shelf' .. but it is reminiscent, to me, of smthg akin to a bizarrely extruded form of a Twitter a/c.

  7. 6 hours ago, vanwin said:

    If I rent unfurnished moving my own to France, many unfurnished houses do not have a kitchen.

    Surely a tenant should not have to spend 5,000 installing one in someone else's property.

    Why would you spend that much on a temporary kitchen in a rental property ?

    Here in France you can buy an attractive, functional kitchen for around €1000 .. so why spend more ?

    Follow Lori's advice and don't buy fitted units then you can take the kitchen with you or you can sell the units on ☺️

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  8. Although Boursorama is a Banque it is an online Bank, which mean free accounts, cards etc and low charges for its stockmarket connected dealings. It is not a traditional Bricks and Mortar Bank.

    From Wiki ..

    Since its creation, the website Boursorama.com has been the French leader in online information about the stock market, aimed at both individual investors and professionals.

    My words ..

    It was only later it moved into online Banking to be able to offer a complete package.
  9. It seems that tracker funds are 'fonds indiciel' .. 'trackers' also exist.

    I invest online via Boursorama and trust them so perhaps have a look there or phone them, they were helpful when I needed advice.




    If you are both under 70 and have children then money invested via an Assurance Vie has added tax benefits as regards passing on your inheritance.

    Edit: You will have to copy and paste as the links are not live.

    Wise will transfer money very cheaply .. or open up Wise accounts in € and in £ and your problem is sorted even more cheaply.
  10. This site can be quite helpful, after you have declined or otherwise their cookies ..


    Scroll down and choose your department. Always remembering that if you have wild boar (we do hereabouts) then they have the right to organise a cull on any day of the week.

    Edit .. sorry I am using an Android tablet .. you will have to copy and paste.
  11. Ken wrote the following post at 21 Aug 2021 18:04:

    I sonder if people have done any real reeearch into this. Being eco is one thing, being gullible is something else!!!

    Who are you addressing in your post Ken .. just who is gullible and why ?

    Judging by the spelling in your post you have been at the apéros ..
  12. mrsblack wrote the following post at 12 Aug 2021 15:59:

    Our Avis has arrived and despite being retired SI holders and noting that we are exempt from these social charges, we have been charged.

    As pomme says it is difficult to comment without knowing more of your situation but ..

    Have you noted the amount of what you included as income that CSG etc has been charged on against what amount Psol has been charged on ?

    There could be a clue there.

  13. mint wrote the following post at 06 Aug 2021 21:04:

    What I would like to confirm is, what if I didn't have a pass?

    If you cannot have a jab, or do not want one, so do not have a pass then your access to non-urgent medical care is via a negative PCR test less than 48 hours old.

    This is what my elderly friend has to do as her MT won't let her be jabbed because of her frailty.

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