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  1. Can anyone advise please We plan to visit the coastal region between Perpignan and the Spanish Border next week with our dogs. We have looked at the various discussion topics on the forum regarding the subject of allowing dogs on beaches and were wondering whether there is a list of beaches that we can download, that allow dogs. Also rather than upsetting other users of beaches, does anyone know of good beaches to take dogs. We consider ourselves as responsible dog ownere and always believe that one clears up ones mess (and the dogs). We know not everyone does and as a consequence leaves this subject in constant discussion. Many thanks for any advice, gratefully received. Sharon
  2. Hi Sunday Driver, are you saying that it is impossible for me to include him on my French car insurance? if so is he able to get insurance in his own right here?
  3. Any advice greatly received.... A friend of mine has recently moved to France and has asked if he could be a named driver on my car insurance.Stupidly he was banned in the UK for 2 years due to a drink driving ban, he received his UK licence back several months ago. However my Insurance Company have advised me that there is a 3 year period from the date of conviction before someone with a drink driving ban can be added as a named driver on my Insurance. Is this the norm in France? If not, can anyone advise what Insurance Companies in France would be prepared to include him as a named driver on my Insurance policy. Many Thanks Shazie      
  4. Hi Can anyone advise the best method in cleaning dressed stone, we would like to keep it but it is currently very dirty with years of grime. Any suggestions welcomed please. I don't mind a bit of elbow grease but if there is something one can buy in the market place that will assist me with this arduous task I'd be very grateful. Thanks Sharon    
  5. No doubt this subject has already been covered on numerous occasions but I am unable to access the Renovation forum so I am sorry for repeating this question. I want to cover the crepi with paint on the interior walls of our farmhouse. Can anyone advise what should be used and what covers it most effectively, ideally I would like to introduce some colour to the currently very drab walls. Any advice on what to use would be very helpful. Many Thanks Sharon    
  6. S&S

    Cat advice, please

    Hi Dotty We have six cats and two dogs, on occasions our cats have ticks but we find Frontline works very well as long as you administer it on your aniamls each month on a regular basis. Whilst the tick will still attach to the animal they do fall off dead after 48 hours without any due concern to the cat. We do try and remove them before they attach themselves and destroy them, you need to use a sharp implement as stamping on them doesn't work. Good luck and yes they can be the size of a baked bean when full with blood but as long as you have fronlined the animal you should be able to keep them under control.   Sharon  
  7. S&S

    Duck Behaviour

    Thanks for the replys, the ducks are the common variety type that you see in all the markets, maybe the duck does think he/she is a chicken, who knows? the ducks behaviour is the same whether the ducks are on their own or with the chickens........... Maybe I need to buy an older duck to keep the younger in check. You would have thought that they would have realised how lucky they are compared to so many? Ah well!!!!!!!!! Shazzie  
  8. S&S

    Duck Behaviour

    We have recently purchased two young ducks from a local market and they have integrated well with our small flock of chickens.  All seemed well when we introduced the ducks to the chickens, however there is a problem with the two ducks. One of the ducks was missing a few rear tail feathers and we noticed that the other duck kept attacking the area on the other duck to the extent where he/she was drawing blood and eating the flesh. We segregated them to allow the bloody and nasty wound to heal, the last couple of days we have reintroduced them for a short period of time but after a while the apparently brutal natured duck starts pecking and attacking the same area so we have had to segregate them again. This is not what we want going forward as we want them to be companions , we weren't aware of this aggressive streak in ducks, is this common? is it due to the poor conditions they were probably kept in, prior to coming to us? Will the offending duck grow out of it? What should we do? If anyone has experienced similar problems I would love to hear from you. Thanks Shazzie    
  9. Is it me or is there a distinct lack of garden centres in France! I have hunted for nurseries to stock my newly acquired garden but have only found very small Point Verts which stock very little. We live on the Lot/Aveyron borders and asked our French neighbours where there was a good stockist with plenty of choice and they struggled and eventually suggested a garden centre two hours drive away. Is this typical? Gardens do have shrubs and plants etc so where does one go to buy them or is the tendancy in France to buy by mail order? If anyone can advise me where I am going wrong I would be very grateful or any suggestions of where I can go to buy my much needed shrubs I would be very grateful. Many thanks Sharon      
  10. We will soon be moving to a village near Figeac on the Lot/Aveyron borders, we need to find a good and reliable cattery for our six cats for a few days in the Lot or Aveyron Departments whilst we move and are obviously concerned as to the standards and care that they will receive during their short stay. Can anyone recommend any catteries in these areas? we are however prepared to travel outside of these departments thus ensuring that they receive the best possible care. Any help would be appreciated Many thanks Shazie  
  11. Can anyone help? I intend to breed from my Golden Retriever bitch later this year, I am a member of the Golden Retriever Club and the Kennel Club and adhere by their breed standards and the guidelines as to the x-ray scores required for hips and elbows before breeding and the Veterinary certification that the eyes are clear from defect. I have contacted my local Vet here in the Haute Garonne regarding getting the eye check done prior to breeding but unfortunately they do not have any knowledge as to the necessity of having the eyes checked. Does anyone know of any Vets in the South, South West region of France that are able to carry out the test? I am located near Toulouse but am prepared to travel. I would appreciate any constructive help from fellow breeders who insist on breeding Goldies correctly. Many Thanks Shazie          
  12. Can anyone please advise us on any recommendations for Removal Companies operating within France. We are currently renting in the Haute Garonne region and have all our furniture with us from the UK. We will be moving to our new home at the beginning of June, we will be situated in the Aveyron between the towns of Figeac and Villefranche. So any help, advice and recommendations would be appreciated. S&S    
  13. We are in the process of buying a house in the Aveyron/Lot border region, and need urgent (during cooling off period of the C de V) confirmation from a builder that the plan to put an interior staircase in is feasible. Requests for quotes for this work and others will then follow. Thanks   S&S  
  14. I should have said, we are already renting in the Haute Garonne and looking at various areas in the Midi Pyrenees. With that in mind, any advise from people already in the area will be gratefully received   S&S
  15. I should have said, we are already renting in the Haute Garonne and looking at various areas in the Midi Pyrenees. With that in mind, any advise from people already in the area will be gratefully received   S&S
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