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  1. LAST EDITED ON 18-Feb-04 AT 11:05 AM (GMT) Come on then all you boffins......ADSL has just arrived in Vic Fezensac (GERS) and I duly signed up with AOL fr. Finally received the modem and even later the Installation disc.Tried to load same in my bedroom but do not think it liked the extension telephone reel (i.e. the little modem icon on desktop bar stayed yellow) Tried dismantling everything and plugging directly into the main incoming phone jack whilst perched on top of fridge.....eureka modem icon has changed to GREEN....thought we're in business now, but no it still will only sign-on using old internal modem.Fance Telecom assures me that the line has been made 'ADSL ready'.Suggesting contacting AOL fr. not usefull; worse than useless and are unobtainable by phone; to speak to an actual human being that is and e-mails are answered by an automated machine.Am tearing hair out and starting to reach for a very large sledge hammer to at least give myself a fleeting moment of satisfaction.HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!! PS One last thing which no doubt means something to those in the know.......when accessing MODEMS via CONTROL PANEL it refuses to acknowledge the existance of the new SPEEDTOUCH modem even though the installation disc assures me all was loaded sucessfully and the little green modem desktop icon is present on Start bar.
  2. Having now lived in the Gers for nearly three years (and been very happy!)for a variety of reasons we are considering relocating to the Perpignan area; perhaps to the south between it and the border. Any info or impressions of the area will be greatfully received especially vis a vis the 'wind' problem in the region which I am told can be quite disturbing.(No wind jokes perleaseeeeeeee!)
  3. As a builder I can only think of one answer; Jackhammer the rock down to a manageable size and 'tank' or coat the remaining level with one of the many brands of ruberoid paint. Hard work but I see no alternative! Rog Spink (rogs)
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