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  1. [quote user="NormanH"]Yes among the voters for the Primaires. He has a good chance of being elected as the candidate.

    But as I said the problem will come if he comes up against LePen in the second round of the actual Présidentielles...

    His economic programme means he is seen as a

    'French Thatcher', and if he is up against Le Pen in the final round she

    is likely to get the votes of many of the people who would previously

    That accounts for the British media saying that FN supporters didn't want Sarkozy because his policies were close to FN policies and people would be more likely to vote for him and not Le Pen in the second round. Therefore they voted to ensure another candidate won.

    voted for the left, in a repetition of the pro-Brexit and Pro-Trump

    voting pattern.

  2. Our commune has one postcode and although there are not that many inhabitants, the houses are well scattered. Our house has two names - one on the deeds and a different one on some utility bills, official documents etc. The only problem is that the 'official' name applies to a few houses scattered around a fairly large farm. All delivery vehicles automatically end up at the farm, despite our careful instructions on how to find us. We even give maps when we make an order, but it makes no difference - everyone ends up at the farm.
  3. I think it is part of the tall poppy syndrome, YCCMB, and the relishing of continuing to kick a man or woman long after events have moved on.

    Would people have preferred him to do a Gordon Brown - continue to occupy a seat, collect a salary and expenses, yet never appear in Parliament except for one or two debates?

    By the way, Mint, when Cameron became PM, he gave up his PM's pension entitlement.
  4. I have been looking at the stuff posted on a couple of FB groups and in both around 98% of posts are for out. I have been astonished at the tone taken by the out people who seem to think that leaving the EU will release the UK from the grips of a totalitarian regime whose only purpose is to recreate the Third Reich and destroy the UK.

    Any negative case for leaving is greeted with shouts of 'project fear', lies. and scaremongering, whereas every utterance no matter how unrelated to reality put forward by the out side is greeted with metaphorical cheers and applause.

    As for spending the money 'saved' by leaving - this has been 'spent' so many times on so many different causes, I find it difficult to believe anyone could believe any of it!
  5. I don't understand this - the French courts ruled recently that following a complaint by Euro Tunnel, that DFDS were breaking competition rules by operating the Newhaven link and must cease.

    So how can they be tendering for the new contract?

    Personally, I think the French court ruling was simply a tit-for-tat for the fact that British court ruling prevented Euro Tunnel from operating the old Sea France ferries and had nothing to do with whether or not DFDS 'competed' with the Chunnel.
  6. Some years ago, I started the OU Diploma in French - this is a three year course. The assessment is both written and oral. I passed year one and got to the end of year two only to find I had passed the oral but failed the written by one B****y mark! I intended to resit, but events happened and I never went back to it.

    However, I have all the materials and when I have more time, I intend to work through them again!
  7. [quote user="You can call me Betty"]What I'd like to understand is what, exactly, people expect (or expected) him to achieve.

    If he were to get all he asked for, would you be satisfied?

    If he doesn't, are there aspects that you feel he would be justified in compromising on?

    Is there someone else you think could/would have done better? Is there something else he should have asked for?[/quote]

    Exactly Betty. Everyone lining up in the media to take a swipe at whatever the negotiations end up with are very quiet about what they would have asked for/done etc. And none of them suggest they would have been successful if they tried. There are people who would not agree with anything, such is their desire to leave the EU.
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