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  1. Hi all, A quick queestion on trigonometry, as there is no specific section I thought I would try my luck here! How do you work out the surface area of a Triangle if you have all the dimensions and angles involved? Probably very easy for those who know but I spent, much to my regret, most of my maths lessons scratching my navel. Cheers Billyo
  2. Had a quote from a company last year that worked out a 83 euros a metre, once I picked myelf off the floor I found a decent sized exterior finishing shop and had a word, you can do it yourself for less than half that, but the guy I talked to said that to do the crepi yourself would be a catastrophy as its special, and no company I talked to would do only the crepi part as they didnt want the responsebility of me not sticking the polystyrene or mesh on properly and having the crepi crack at a later date   Billyo
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    Thank you all for your replies, but Im going to buy them ready made  from La P as it works out so much cheaper, not sure how they do it though! Billyo
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    Cheers Leo, that is a great forum Billyo
  5. I realise it might be a bit sacreligeus to mention MDF in a wood working section, so please be gentle! Im finally going to build some wadrobes for my longsuffering girlfriend out of MDF, Im thinking 15mm for the carcasses, but I would like to put 3 sliding doors on the front at 75 by 250, would 15mm be thick enough to give rigidity or should I use either 18 or 20mm? Billyo
  6. Cheers for the replies, unfortunatly he sold it to somebody else, snooze you loose..... Had a look at that website Gluestick, didnt realise that it could be that complicated! Billyo
  7. Hi all Ive been offered a 8kw poele that takes 50cm buches but only has a 120mm sortie for the flue. My questions are, is that big enough for the amount of wood you can put in the thing, and if so where can you get that size of flue from as the standard seems to be 130mm and up. The current owner doent seem to know.... Cheers Billyo
  8. Hi all,just a couple of quickies. Am I right in thinking that a shaver socket has a be a minimum of 60cm from the sink tap and has to be on a separate cuircuit with the bathroom light? Also what is the situation with earth bonding if all the pipe work is PER and the bath is acrylic? Cheers Billyo  
  9. There are soulutions, but they are a bit pricey, do you know whats the inside diameter of the old waste pipe? Billyo
  10. Perfect, thanks for all your replies, and that website is fantastic, cheers Danny Billyo
  11. Evening all, Just a quick one, does anyone know what a 'strap on boss' is in french, and do they exist over here? Its basically an attachment that glues and straps onto a 110mm waste pipe and then reduces down to 40mm, so that you can strap it onto and branch off an already existing waste without having to cut the whole run apart.  Cheers Billyo
  12. Fair point, Tony F and Sunday D, apologies, for some reason it didnt occur to me about it being a criminal offence, must be the plasterboard jointing getting to me again. Billyo
  13. Does the situatiion change if my girlfriend got one half an hour before me, in the same car, but both were for going less than 10k over the limit, if I take the point for her as she already has a few!? Cheers Billyo  
  14. Hi, Just recieved a speeding fine and was talking to someone about it who said that as Im a resident in france I have to change my licence to a french one before I can pay it off. Is this the case do I have to take the french test before I can get it changed,  or can I just shoot down the Marie and sort it out? Cheers Billyo    
  15. Cheers guys, think its going to work out ok, but chris Im going to need more than a week as the missus informs me that there are more important jobs to do first. I tried explaining how nice it would be to have fresh melons in the morning but shes not having it! Peter, good idea, think ill do that, could be interesting. billyo
  16. Cheers Tony, i realise that its a how long is a piece of string question, but it gives e a rough idea. Billyo
  17. Gluestick, cheers for the link, its given me a rough idea! Chris, im going to do it just because Im stubborn! Is free sweating where you get so hot even your shins start sweating? Billyo 
  18. Morning all, Ive decided to start a veg patch to be watered, hopefully with rain water, the problem is that I live near Montpellier where rain water in summer is a bit scarce, so my quetion is, as a rule of thumb how much water is needed to keep a veg patch growing during the summer months? Hope there is an easy answer! Billyo
  19. Sorry to Highjack, Im looking to do the same sort of thing as Chris, but refill the tank purley on rainwater. The only problem is that I cant for the life of me find out how much rainwater the region recieves or how much a small veggy plot uses (about 10m2) to work out if its viable. Can anyone help, cause the inlaws are thinking Im nuts and taking bets on how long its going to take me to fail! Cheers Billyo Should just mention that I live near Montpellier 34.
  20. I use acide chlorhydrique, fantastic stuff, dont leave it in a bucket over night, it gets very clean but the bottom falls out! Available in half to  five litre bottles from most supermarkets.
  21. A bit off the topic, but going on ourageous quotes from people who are "in the area", just had a bloke round to quote for air conditioning, he explained everything, took and hour, then spent half an hour on the financing, as in paying it off in installments so the cost in minimal (for the next 15 years) and then set off about the taxrebate situation and how it will only cost half of the actual price. At thispoint i was bored but enjoying the french practice, he then finally got down to giving me a price, by asking me how much I would like to pay for the conroft and tranquility of air con, so finally the price for one unit with two outlets and one oil filled bathroom radiator, 15000 euros. Once I managed to get my chin off the table and stop laughing he spent another half an hour persauding me, using the likes of dropping the price ten percent if he could put an advertising panel up and bring people round to show them the instillation (max 5 people per week in the small print) and leting me speak to a company "director" to show how much of a god deal it was threats of the house falling down due to damp etc. Anyway couldnt get rid of him, tried persauasion that I didnt want it, tried snarling and a bit of aggresion, no good, it finally took my french girlfriend coming home and telling him to stick his quote where the sun dont shine. Despite all that, two follow up calls and an attempt to visit. Ps just realised I posted this in the wrong place, oops!
  22. Cheers for your replies, Poolguy your a genius, if you ever write a book let me know! Billyo
  23. Cheers for both your replies, Ill be at it tomorow, as it were! billyo
  24. Hi all, Does anyone know (or have experience of) if you can stick plasterboard onto old tiles in a bathroom, they are in relativly good nick and  unfortunatly very well stuck. Billyo
  25. Summer is here, almost, and Im going to try and plant a pool. Looked around on the web and had numerous devis done,and am now trying to decided between an inground steel pool from waterair and an inground plastic kit pool from piscine plus, Ive read alot about the steel pools but does anyone have any experience of the plastic kit pools? Also, I was speaking to a salesman who was adamant that cartridge filters are the way forward becasue sand filters use about 400l per week to back wash, is this the case or was he talking bo....ks? Cheers all Billyo Thats the french piscine plus, not the brit one!
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