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  1. Mine's big enough to have a workable fridge-cooker-sink triangle, and a table for us to eat at that doesn't intrude into the triangle. 

    We also have a dining room, but only eat there if we're entertaining on a lavish scale [:)]

    I can manage in a tiny kitchen (and in another life used to frequently rustle up meals for 6 in the tiny galley kitchen of a boat), but I do love to cook, and for me a large, well planned, kitchen with plenty of workspace and a table to eat at is very important.

    It's the heart of the home.

  2. I think that baths and bidets might be seen as essential by, how do I put this delicately, the slightly more mature generation?  And even then there is a limit in the attraction of baths, as very elderly or infirm people have difficulty in getting in and out of baths anyway.  I don't think that either baths or bidets would be regarded as essential by anyone born after 1970.

    When I took the bath out of the minuscule bathroom in my UK house, to replace it with a large shower and free up some space, I was worried that if might affect the sale, but it didn't.

    The first house I bought in France had a bidet in the bathroom.  It seemed like a nice idea, but I think I only used it twice for its intended purpose, and thereafter washed my feet in it.  Same with the bath in my new house, seemed like a good idea, but only used it twice.

    As for your last sentence Coops, wouldn't that be the very reason not to even consider putting in a bath?

  3. I won't attempt to answer your other questions, but to add to what Quillan has said for using this forum...


    Go to tools (outils in French)

    • Scroll down to Compatibility Parameters (param√®tres d'affichage de compatibilit√©)

    • Add completefrance.com to the list

    • Alternatively, click on the compatibility icon on the right-hand side of the address bar:

    • The reply box will be full size and you will be able to post smilies

    (As originally posted by Clair).

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