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  1. Polly, passwords here are not case sensitive, so capitals or not would make no difference.

    When you say that you are unable to sign in, do you see this error message...

    The username and password you have entered do not match our records.

    or is it just that you are unable to connect to the site?.  It does seem to have been a bit cranky recently.


  2. [quote user="Val_2"]Get a ready to roll pastry feuilleté, spread with either the sun dried tomato paste or pesto or the anchovy and black olive tapenade spread, roll up like swiss roll. Put in fridge for an hour and then slice very thinly and bake for about 20mins. Very simple and no messing.[/quote]

    And... if you put a sheet of baking parchment and then another baking tray on the top of the slices when you put them in the oven, they come out very thin and flat and beautifully crispy.  I make it a lot, very handy as it uses store cupboard ingredients and isn't too faffy.

  3. [quote user="pachapapa"]

    One will learn that the vector transform of english cross-sectional tree cutting techniques to a bovine environment do not equate with any simple geometric algorithm to french longitudinal cutting tendencies.


    Blimey PPP, is that a Google translation?

  4. [quote user="Benjamin"]

     Are you sure that the bon, on the first visit, is issued by the Consultant.

    As I understand the situation the following is the way it should be done.

    The first bon comes from the person (normally your french GP) who refers you to the hospital/Consultant.

    If you are subsequently given another hospital appointment, you then get the bon when you attend for the appointment. Ensure they fill it in correctly.


    Quite possibly Benjamin, but in Georgina's case it sounds as if this is not her first visit to the hospital, and that she is already under the care of a consultant, as she has an operation arranged.

  5. [quote user="Georgina"]So, just to clarify, please CAT  my french gets complicated when I worry, can you tell me does that mean that i am covered 65% for journeys by taxi to and from hospital with a prescription without prior arrangement with MSA???  I don't have to tell them who I am using?? Or get written permission?


    That's right Georgina, you are covered by your caisse, MSA, fo 65% (or 100% if you have an ALD).  You will need to ask for a bon de transport from the hospital, and make sure that it is signed by your consultant.  The only reasons you would need to get prior permission are as I described before...

    [quote user="Cat"]

    ... if your journey is more than 150 km one way, or if you expect to be making at least 4 trips of over 50 km (one way) during a period of 2 months (for the same treatment) then you will need to contact your caisse and ask for an Accord Prealable


  6. I don't know if you have an ALD, but there is some info in this thread that may help...


    Or, if your journey is more than 150 km one way, or if you expect to be making at least 4 trips of over 50 km (one way) during a period of 2 months (for the same treatment) then you will need to contact your caisse and ask for an Accord Prealable

    Otherwise, best to phone your caisse for advice. 

  7. [quote user="crazyfrog"]

    Question: Does Anne have a Tennis racket?

    His answer : Yes, she has one.

    The answer the teacher wanted was : Yes, she's got one.



    I feel that the use of got, in this example, is inelegant. 

    Had the question been "Has Anne got a tennis racket" then the answer "yes, she's got one" or "yes she has got one" would both have been fine.

    But the question was "does Anne have..." so, for me, the correct answer is "yes, she has..." or "yes, she does have..."

    Interestingly, if the question had been posed in the past or future tense, the only possible (correct) answers would have been

    Yes, she had one/Yes, she did have one or Yes, she will have one.  No gots allowed [geek]

  8. Tetanus boosters should be given every 10 years.  In France they are often offered as a single injection that includes a polio and diphtheria vaccine. 

    I had a tetanus booster about 2 years ago, and had to stomp my foot a bit to get just the tetanus vaccine jab (which I was obliged to have, and probably needed) and not the polio and diphtheria vaccines.

    If you do a lot of gardening it makes sense to get the tetanus booster.

  9. Agave syrup is OK if used occasionally, in very small quantities.  Its low GI rating is due to the fact that it consists mainly of fructose (which is processed differently to glucose in the body, and is not measured by the GI system).  It doesn't raise blood glucose much, but does raise blood fructose.

    Agave syrup has an even higher fructose content than high fructose corn syrup, often considered the worst commercial sweetener.

    But, as with all things, in moderation it is probably fine.

    EDIT... oooh, I see that Sue beat me to it. 

    I am an echo [:$]

  10. Married couples do a joint return in France, from the date of the marriage. 

    As the tax authorities think that you were only married last year, they would expect a separate return from both you and your wife to cover the period up to the marriage, and a joint return for the period afterwards.

    I know this 'cos I tied the knot myself last year, and we've just done our first joint return [:$]

    I think you may need to "confess" your mistake.

  11. [quote user="pachapapa"][quote user="EmilyA"]Could somebody explain to me what the "Anglo-Saxon media" are? (Not just used on here it was also on the TV debate last night). Are there many Anglo-Saxons in America? Does it exclude Celts and Vikings? I think we should be told.[/quote] No I wont but if you read Winston's History of the English speaking peoples, then the penny will drop.[/quote]

    Poor Emily, she posts what is clearly a tongue in cheek question, but he penny didn't drop, and the irony was lost.

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