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  1. You have probably had answers already as I have not looked at the forum for a while but I thought I would mention that last year I took some of my family on the yellow train and we stopped off at Bourge Madame, walked across into Spain to the town there, I think it was called Puigcerda, it was a sunday, there was a very busy and colourful market, and we dined al fresco, loads of resteraunts, and we came back weary but happy!, regards ms
  2. Could anyone tell me whether it would be easier to bring a new/second hand cooker from England.  I am travelling down to my little house in Dept 66 by car quite soon and have room to bring one.  Or would it be just as economical to buy, say in Perpignon or around? With thanks Mary S p.s could anyone recommend a b and b to stay a night on way down perhaps between Bourges and Clemmont Ferrand on the A71/75.
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